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Monday, 17 January 2011

[ ..wind and water.. ]

Hello Monday,

Not pretty much a blue monday, ya know? It's only today I realised that, I may have just found the job where I don't feel like I'm working.

I have no qualms in coming in for work at all. To me, it's like coming in to meet up with my another set of family members. Sisters and aunts and uncles who can give me really really good advices and will never scream at me whenever I did something wrong. They will just give me advices for me to work better.

Finding a job that you like and enjoy is very difficult. I just happened to be extremely lucky to be a part of this place. And just extremely lucky that I finally feel secure and I don't even feel like leaving this place at all. For now.

I am just a young little thing who has no qualifications of any kind, and it was luck that brought me here. I know it's luck and not my capability because I fondly remember my boss said "Your writing... is okay lah. Not that good. Have a lot of grammar mistakes. But you can learn later."

So, yeah. It's not what I have. It's simply just, luck.

Being unfortunate for the most of my life, it is this 'luck' that I need. I only need one lucky moment to bounce me back on the whirlwind track of life. And I got it. I am just extremely lucky that I got it when I just turned 20 for two months. For that, I would say that I am blessed. No blessed by god (i don't believe in one), but I am blessed by my boss, my second boss and my colleagues who kept complaining to my boss that they need another helper!

I see how other people in my life are struggling with the working world and adulthood. People I loved and people I cared about. Whenever they told me about their woes, I feel like I shouldn't say anything or advice them anything because I am not in their situation. I WAS in their situation, but not anymore.

At any moment, when I open my mouth I feel like I have no rights to tell them anything. And at any moment they can tell me to shut up and 'you don't understand coz you are lucky that you have a job and a stable income!'.

But all I want to tell them is that, you just have to wait. You have to wait for that one moment to come. I waited for 6 months before I get my break. I was depressed for 3 months before I nearly gone insane. There was a period of my life when I sleep through the day and awake for the night because I don't want to look at my family. And I don't want them to see me being so useless and like a piece of shit.

I am the most impatient person on earth and I always want to strike a gold mine as soon as possible but as soon as I got back on track, I learn that everything will be possible. You just need to be extremely patient to be extremely lucky.

Over the year I'd started working, I learn that we need to slow down in life. Enjoy every moment and enjoy every little thing (Zombieland, anyone?). When I started working I felt victimised. "Why do I have to work so early in life?!" "Why do I have to be in this situation?!" "Why do I have to earn my own money when most of my friends still have allowance from their parents?!"

But as of now, I don't feel that way anymore. I don't think about the future or do I reminiscence my younger years. I just try to live the moment now. It is the present that matters.

I am one person who is extremely lazy but got extremely lucky. And most of the time I don't work for what I get in return. But I get them anyway. Because I believe in the flow of life. I don't have a god of my own, and I don't pray for 'god' for things to happen. But I believe that the flow of life will bring me somewhere I don't know or I never been to.

I believe that as long as you let everything down, don't stress about it, don't think too much about it, and just go with the flow, it will bring you to your destiny.

There are no miracles in life, but there is a destiny for you. You are destined at some place and you won't know where until you be calm, in peace and let the wave lead you to where you belong in life.

Maybe you will say that 'that just mean being lazy and don't work for a living'. But I assure you, as soon as you found peace, you will find your connection to the world. When you make connect, then you have to start working hard to keep it alive, to keep it going.

The concept is, lie down on the beach, let the wave take you out to the sea. Don't struggle with the water, or else you will drown. Just let the wave bring you to the small island that you are destined to be. When you reach that island, you start to work around, find food, find shelter, find the ways to survive on that island and lastly find someone to share your island with.

The time will come. Just be patient and let the flow bring you around. Yes, you will feel lost at some moments, but remember struggle. Fill the emptiness with tears you may, but never struggle in any other way.

It sounds like a lazy person's way to live a life but yeah, I agree with you. It's the lazy way. But it's also the most enjoyable way of life I chose and that's how I want to lead my life. Simply because I enjoy being lazy and I enjoy looking at things unfolds on its own.

Instead of watering your plants rigorously, you just need to let the rain drops feed them and let them grow on their own. That's how life goes. at least, that's how my life goes.

I dunno if this post helps you, but I hope it changes your way of looking at things in life. Remember, take it easy, slow down, look at things around you and enjoy living.

Have a good day all. :)


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