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Thursday, 27 January 2011

[ ..take a sip of fragrant tea.. ]

January has been a busy month for me. In fact, it is the busiest month I ever encountered in both working and personal life. I have to say that the hectic month of January is both good and bad.

Good in a way that I'd met a lot of interesting people during work and got to know a few online friends better when we meet up during Chic Pop. Bad in a way that my health is busted and my back ache is worse than the times in December. Also, because there were so many CNY dinners with clients and advertisers alike, I consumed way to much food for a regular person. (HEY, they served me THREE huge ass scallops okay, HOW can I let that go!!!) Therefore, I gained some weight instead of losing it. Blehhh. But this is not good, as I can start to feel my heart cannot take the pressure anymore. I constantly have minor heartache (literally) every now and then. It scares me.

Also, January has to be the month I spend the most money in my entire life. I didn't even keep track of the money flow and I don't even dare to look at the receipts now. I just threw them away last night to mark a new month coming in. I decided to just forget about last month expenditure and moved on.

Ahhh to know that this hectic month is closing to an end makes me feel at peace and serene. I don't know if February's gonna be busy or not, but I can only hope that it is not. Well, let me slow down for a month. A person can't run for all of his/her life. We got to stop and relax a bit. Therefore I only asks for a month. Then if March want to play catch, we can play catch. ^^

During the course of this month, I've set a few more resolution for this year, or at least for the month. First of all, I would like to add the resolution of: Not wearing mascara for the year of 2011. I find the application of mascara a waste of time and also, money. Not that anyone will notice the difference, seriously. So, I want to save the money and also time to put on mascara, also for the sake of my eyes.

Secondly, prescribe a new spectacles and wear spectacles to work and out as much as possible; minimise the usage of contact lens. I feel that the contact lens are hurting my eyes and I don't want to risk any infection or some other eye diseases. Also because I want to connect with my inner nerd back hahhahha.

Thirdly, this is for the month of February, stop shopping completely. After the Ipoh thrifting trip coming up this Sunday, I vow that I will not shop for any clothing items or shoes or bags or any other unnecessary stuff anymore. If possible, I want to keep this resolution for every alternate months of this year. Meaning, shop for a month and stop shopping for the month next, and continue until end of 2011. This is super serious, coz I think my shopping habit is over the limit.

Fourthly, save AT LEAST 25% of your full salary each month and VOW never taking any amount out of the savings account just because you 'think' you need more money. Ahhhhh... I definitely need the discipline for this.

Fifth, you can still use the Visa credit cards but in a maximum of RM100 each month (not including petrol money, which is always RM120 each month). NEVER exceeding RM100, or else, you will bear the consequences the month next. T__T

I think this is all that I want to add. Hahahahah five weh! 8D And I realised all of them revolved around money. Mehhh.. gotta do something about it or else I will lose control. U_U


Don't know why, but recently I really miss the smell of the airport. Or whenever I go into a hotel environment, I feel happier. I guess it's because it reminds me of holidays.

I still remember the smell in Hadyai, which I last visited in 2006. The very familiar smell of the hotel lobby. The smell in of the room. The smell in the toilet. I know right, how gross. But no, it's not the nicest smell I ever sniffed or was it the worse. It's just the smell of it. Their streets smells of smokes and burning chestnuts. I miss the roasted coconut there. It's the best.

I miss the smell of the airport. The miss the sound of the announcement made every few minutes. I miss the sound of people rushing from one end to another. I miss the sound of trolley and the luggage. I miss the sound of laughter and excitement of the people waiting for their flight.

I miss the smell in the airplane. The cold mist they put on during flight. The small window. Sound of adults whispering a conversation, but not the sound kids make during flight. I miss listening to the sound track of Up when the plane takes flight or when the plane lands.

Sigh. I really want a holiday very badly. Especially after January. But it is so difficult to plan. And the money involves. Ohhh darn it.

I really want a holiday. I want to take a flight and go some where far for a week or two. I wish I can do that without thinking so much about money. Sigh. Actually I could, but I am too stubborn and do not like to lose. I could just ask, but decided not to because that would mean, I am the one who loses. It is indeed difficult to make me ask a simple question.

But I just want to prove to people that, I can make it on my own. Without anyone's help. I can do this. I can plan my own holiday and I don't need anyone's help.

But I guess, just not now. Not mature enough I guess. I'm still a kiddo at heart and mind. I shall plan my own holiday later alright? Just me alone. I need that vacation.


Well, that's all for today. I'm glad I type all these out. I shall continue to do my work now. ^^ Have a great day all! Looking forward to the weekend!!!!!! 8D


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