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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

[ ..stand still.. ]

Got a very disheartening news. But it will not be effective until next year. So I shouldn't say anything about it now. Ohkay..

Back to daily stories of mine. Well.. nothing much really. Pix time perhaps? =D

I know my pix very repetitive from my fb. But not everyone can see my photos on fb and i don't like stranger friend me in fb. I don't see the point in not knowing the person in real, then be a friend on fb that kinda thing. And fb can be a very private thing. I try to privatise my profiling to the extreme.

I like how her baju kurung is red with yellow patches. It blends with the lining and fake foot print on the floor. ^^

This is my cat being evil. He looks like he has some evil thoughts in his mind and sticking his tongue out coz you can never read his mind. hahahha. Meh.



I like Scarjo's new hair. and her necklace. Well, her hair not exactly new lah! I think she outgrown it now. But still. Scarjo, short hair, who would have thought?

...Back to pix I shot...

I went to Pavilion this morning for their CNY thingy. Mehh..

Fake plastic sakura

Red tanglungs are necessary.

Huge ass peony.

Fake sakura again

Fake sakura arch.

HELLO. *creepy pedo face*



Hi Charlize.

Lion with sexy legs hahhah!

Act cool.

But sked. duwan jump.

Nice butt, bro.

They were so good lah. World champion ok!!! Even the troupe from Hongkong cannot win ours!!
The lion was so lifelike! More like mischievous cat!!! =D So cute!!!

okay lah! that's all! I wanna go home early today! ^^ Tomorrow got four articles to write~! =O

Good evening!!


p.s.: I didn't sleep for 32 hours coz I skipped sunday night sleep. I was so sleepy yesterday I thought I might die on my desk. But I didn't of course haha.

But then when I was driving out to KL for an assignment, I got stuck in the jam and I got even more sleepy than before. To make myself not fall asleep while driving like a snail, I put on Inspirative, so the loud music will make me stay awake. but darn Inspirative build up is so peaceful that I fell asleep before the loud parts is in!!!

AND I fell asleep with my feet on the accelerator pedal... and guess what? I banged the car in front of me. =_= it was the BANG! and the jolt that wake me up. I fell asleep for approximately 3-5 minutes. =_= The pak cik in the car jumped out of his car, getting ready to punch me in the face. when I moved my car back a little and nothing much wrong with his perdana's bumper except for a small scratch. Mine too. mehhhh. He half-shouted at me "You berhati-hati lahhh!" I sheepishly keep repeating sorry sorry sorry!

Mehhhh... Luckily it was traffic jam. Just imagine me driving over 60km/h and fell asleep. oh, I tried that. The day after CF. =_= Almost hit the divider.

I really have to be super careful!!! I don't wanna die before I scratch all my wishlist off. hhahha. Okie dokes bye!

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