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Saturday, 8 January 2011

[ ..randomitos.. ]

DID you see the new Starbucks logo?? =_=

geez. way to make your cup looks even more boring, Starbucks. It's weird how the minimalist are taking control of the advertising world now. They haven't even shown us the sleeve yet!!

Sooner or later we will not need designers anymore coz logos in the future only requires wordings. Seriously, if possible, I want to have the first Starbucks logo on my cup.

So nice!

Meh.. as long as the coffee still good, I just keep an eye shut about the logo lahhh! At least my organiser binder has the 1992 starbucks logo!!!!

Hmm.. I have nothing to talk about really. So I'm gonna type randomly okay?

It is now day 12 that woman didn't talk to me. My life is perfect!

It's day 8 into January and I already overspent and now using money from my savings account!!! GAH

As January goes further, more works are piling in. Especially food reviews, which I hate the most in the whole wide world. Seriously, seriously, there IS NO FUN in eating for work. Watching movies for work is the opposite. It's fun. Even when the movie sucks. Coz i get to go to mall to shop. And pop corns + coke is always fun.

One of the unwritten resolution I have for this year (I like to keep my list on ten), is to utilise my credit cards and not to worry about the debt. Yep. I'm doing it right now. but not going too far lah.

Oh there is a flea market tomorrow!! what time should I go? OR should I go? T_T I don't wanna simply spend money anymore! But what if there are nice vintage dresses?!!!! OKAY LAH GO LAH.

Diet cannot start in January. Have to be after CNY coz there are a lot of eating to do. BURP.

GOSH, I really need to wake up early to work already!! DAMMIT One day I sure will get lecturing by my boss!!!

Bought a 5kg kibbles for my cat. Walked home from car park just now, looking like an insane cat lady.

Colleague said, "IF you don't go out often, how are you going to get to know guys!!" ... .... .... Huh? What? I have my cat, thankiu.

My cousin went to Hongkong with her mom and brother!!! How fun!!!

Planning for a lonely getaway. Looking at flight tickets now.


OMG I'd just took a few hours to list down air tickets and all that shit!!!! I'm serious weh. 8D

Now I feel sleepy.... zzzzz.. zz..z.z.zz.

Well, good night then! Will do a proper update later!!!! Night!


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