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Monday, 10 January 2011

[ ..little things.. ]

As you know.... the very little things are the ones that annoys me to the roof of my condominium. Seriously.

As you know... I'm in hell of a good mood lately and even some stupid retarded thing that my sister did, did not manage to get me so pissed off for more than two hours. I am making such a big progress here. Hahaha.

Currently, things that really makes me want to kill someone now is my fucking retarded computer here.

As you know (or you may not know), I did not actually own a computer of my own until I turned 21. And this computer I owned right now is a second hand computer, given to my by my brother after he upgraded into a super hyper awesome gaming computer with one terabyte space to store his games and movies and what-not.

This hand-me-down computer here is so friggin slow I wanna use a fucking hammer to smash it down into multiple pieces. But then if I do that, I will no longer have the opportunity to be a internet junkie here.

Seriously, it is so damn slow I wanna kill myself before I actually smash it into pieces. For instance, I just closed one fucking window just now and it fucking hanged for 5 minutes. I went out to grab a drink and came back, it's still jam. So I went to the washroom to relieve my 'pee bar' and I came back afters, and it still fucking hang.

I SERIOUSLY hate this computer. But I love it. I have a love-hate relationship with it. Geez.

Neways, my speaker is almost dead and my keyboard's alt key is not working anymore. I need to get new ones soon.

Also, my cellphone is still dead. Need to fix that too. My bed was broken too but my dad fixed it just now and I learnt another thing or two about carpentry (btw, I love carpentry. I love hammers, nails, screw drivers and allen keys. I fixed all my brothers ikea's drawers and table coz he knows shit about screwing in a screw.) . I can has a nice bed again. =D

WHY can't money grow on trees?!!! I'm not even greedy! I just want ONE money tree THAT'S ALL! DARN IT.

Also, I canceled TWO of my travel plans this year. Gotta save money for fucking car insurance. I hate my car. But I love it. I have a love-hate relationship with it. Geez.

Also, I'm fat. Need to fix that too. *eating more raisin-choco bread*

Ahhhhhhhh..... OKie, time to sleep. Gotta work for money to eat and live and splurge.

HOPEFULLY i can get a lot of angpau money this year. Gotta work hard for it. Must-meet-all-of-my-relatives-to-get-'em. Gotta catch 'em all!!!! wtf HAHAHAHHA (i think i'm so funny but then no one really appreciate my jokes, so I think i'm not funny at all MEH)

GOODNAIT. May money take over the position of my boobs tomorrow morning. I don't want big boobs. I want more money. Take my bums and boobs, and gimme more money godammit.



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