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Thursday, 13 January 2011

[ ..i'm fat, so what?.. ]

 I came home and was trying on the dress my friend made me (it fits! thank goodness!) and I LOVE it! The color if so vibrant and it's exactly what I need in my wardrobe!!!

Then here came my sister, walking in my room. And She looked at me for a while and let out a sigh.

"You need to stop eating junk food already.. I mean, I don't care if you are fat or anything, but seriously, you need to stop eating sweet things and bread. Those thing will turn into glucose and you know both our parents have diabetes, we have very big chance in getting it too. You need to eat less of bread and carbohydrate food and all those chocolate and sweets. It's not good for your health... blah blah blah."

Seriously hor, one thing I hate the most about human being is hypocrisy. My two sisters are the most hypocritic persons I've ever seen in my life. Oh actually not. I've seen worse. They are just in level 3.

But anyways, I want to be slim too. Who doesn't? Who wants to be fat? Seriously. Who?

But at this point in my life, I figure out that if I am too cut short of what I like to eat most in the world just to be thin and anorexic, then I would rather die because :

Good Food = Great Fun. Great Fun = Happy Life. Happy Life = What I Need Most Now.

I hate pretentious people. Before they are slim, they will be saying OH, heck being thin! i just wanna eat!

Then when they are successful in their diet or something, they will come to tell you that OH, you need to be healthy you know. dont eat so much blah blah blah

Please lah. IF you are fat, you won't say such thing one loh. It's only when You become thinner, you will go around advocating people, asking them to eat healthy and all that fucks. Because you become thinner, you think you are the role model of the world.

I hate those people. My second sister is not that bad. My eldest is the worse. She's even worse. She doesn't come to you and tell you to eat healthy or do exercise and all that shit. She comes to you and tell you :

"Oh, I give you these dresses and skirts ya coz I can't fit into it already. They keep falling off! So annoying! Now I have to spend so much money buying new clothes! And I can't even wear my old bras already coz it's so loose!!" *POUTS* *MAKES SAD FACE* *LOOKS AS IF THE WORLD IS GOING TO END IN FIVE MINUTES*

YA. I have these kind of sister. The sister who shows off to you that they are fucking thinner than you. But act as if she is going through a horrible period in life, where she can wear a smaller size clothes now. Ya, it's so sad indeed to be thin.

I have nothing against people who are thin. There are some people I know who struggles with low BMI and they eat whatever they can to gain weight but to no avail.

But it is those fucking pretentious bitches whom I have no respects or whatsoever because they have no idea what those anorexic and naturally thin and frail girls have to go through.

They just want to fucking show off to you that they are thinner than you. Especially elder sister. They think being thinner than your younger sister is the best achievement in their lives.

"Oh, I'm 30 years old but I'm thinner than my youngest sister who is 21 years old!! lalalalalala"

Ya, but I've got a job, pay for my own food, pay for my own clothes, pay for every other things myself and you sit at home unemployed like a fucking salted fish. Take that, bitch.

The more they get thinner, the more I want to be fatter. Coz I don't want to be like them. I don't want one day, I really become slimmer and I will go around telling people to be 'healthier'. I like to be the opposite of them.

But then I'm really very very fat now. I really need to monitor my eating.

the thing is, I know when is the time I should control my appetite and my OWN health. They don't have to walk into my room and show off their new body just to make a point.

Sorry I can't do exercise 200 hours a day because I have a job. And my working hours doesn't end until my job ends. I can't just come home and do exercise just because I want to keep fit. I want money more than I want to be thin. Ya, money is my first priority. Other than that, i don't give a flying fuck.

I want to eat what I like to eat. I wanna spend my off day watching tv shows than exercising, that's my decision. I wanna be fat, just let me be fucking fat. It's none of your business. So shut the fuck up and do your fucking exercise.

I just want to curl up in a hole and hibernate if you don't mind.


I have no interest in celebrating at all. CNY to me is nothing more than a public holiday. It has no meaning to me anymore. I don't care about reunion and all that shit. Coz family reunion and school reunion has the same purpose. TO BRAG. Anything. Just about anything they will brag about.

Friends from school will brag about their jobs and the money they earn and their boyfriends and their girlfriends and the length of their husband's ding dong and the width of their vaginas.

Family will brag about how thin they have become over the year and how they don't have to work for fucks, or how they are more successful than other siblings.

Any occasion or events or whatshits that involve the activity- BRAGGING- I will like to stay the fuck away from it coz It's stupid, pointless and mostly because, I have nothing to brag about. I will just sit there and listen to other people's 'achievements'. So, yah. I would rather sit and home with my cat and watch Mythbusters.

Mind you, my mood is still very good right now. Just that I have these little things that I really hate and I need to voice out.

Ya, I'm fat, SO what? Does that bother you? You think it would embarrass you if you tell people that I'm your sister? You think it would embarrass you if you take a pic with me?

Hello, news flash, I DON'T want to take any pictures with you. I don't even want to point my camera to your face coz your face does not worth the money of my camera. So shut it and do your exercise.

I'm so tired of dealing with pretentious people. I just want to be me. That's all. Leave me alone. Seriously.

Ahhhhh... I need to take a rest now. Can't believe I wrote this for so darn long.

That's all for tonight. Good night and eat some more food.


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