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Sunday, 2 January 2011

[ ..how did you spent your new year?.. ]

Following last year's new year countdown at my cousin, Michii's friend, Anna's house, I decided to intrude them again this year hahahah. Sorry, michii and anna!

It was pretty much a last minute intrusion. It was around 8 or 9 pm when I called michii to ask her where she was. She told me that she's at Anna's house for a countdown. I shamelessly asked her if I can join them T_T Coz I was at home, doing absolutely nothing, except from finishing the post on new year resolution. BAWWW. And the cat was sleeping and mom doesn't really care about new year celebration so... I was practically alone!

I decided that I couldn't bid goodbye to 2010 alone since it was quite a good year for me. So, yes, I intruded the lovely couple HAHAHH. ehem.

Oh, btw, I took this pic on the same afternoon I bought my new camera.

Oh well, and after I finished the resolution post and set it to publish on time before the new year, I drove to Anna's house. Surprisingly it wasn't jam at all on the federal highway. Meh.

This is me, dangerously taking photo when I was driving. Can't help it!!

OOOHHH I love this road. This road will look even better on photo if it was evening during sunset!!!

Okay, then I arrived at a shell station, and called Michii up to ask for direction to Anna's house. I"VE BEEN THERE!! but for some reasons I cannot remember at all! T_T But then I can recognise the roads when I went through it. I think I can remember how to get to her house already!

This is Anna. HAHHAAH. Ehem. Michii took this pic of her when she handed me a cup of cola.

OMG I TELL YOU I LOVE THIS PHOTO!! It was an accidental photo taken by Michii but she hated this pic coz got flash but I love it coz it has the 70s feel to it!

This is also another accident taken by michii.

I want my home's wall to be filled with retro photos like this!!!!

HAHHAH this one. This is the same christmas tree I took with Supatenshi (my lomo camera) last year!!!! FAIL. baaawwww

I brought along Scott Pilgrim versus the World dvd to Anna's house coz they both haven't seen it yet and I couldn't figure out what else to bring. So we watched scott pilgrim for a while then when the clock nearly hit 12, we pause the movie and went outside to look at the fireworks from a distance.

Yep.. literally from a distance. Hahahhaa. But then, it's not so small in real lah. You know how your photos tend to make things smaller than usual? ESPECIALLY THE MOON?!! =_= (btw, my camera so good in low light i wanna baaaawwwwww)

Anyhoo, I really wanna take some good photo of the fireworks. So i decided to try the firework scene mode on my camera and zoom in as close as I can and guess WHAT?!



This one looks like heart shape a bit!!!

It went out in a big bang!!! T_T So beautiful!! T__T I spent my money wisely this time. Kuroki totally worth it!!!!!! BAWWW I LOVE YOU KUROKI!

We then continue watching Scott Pilgrim and we couldn't stop laughing at all the video games reference and how silly and stupid and pointless the whole thing is! It's a great film but it makes no sense!! But then, nothing really make sense nowadays hahahah. After that we finished the film...

And then I drove home!

It was certainly a lovely new year. I hope they didn't mind that I kacau masuk like that in a sudden. U_U But I'm just glad that I didn't spend my new year alone. I spend my new year alone most of the years and I'm alright with it. Just that I really want to bid goodbye to 2010 with my love ones! I love you, Michii and Anna!!! You gals the best! =D

Alrighty! Tomorrow gonna start working again and I have three articles to finish or else my boss gonna kill meh!!

Okay, good night all and happy new year! =D Enjoy January 2011!!! I shall end this post with my favourite photo of new year's eve/new year day.


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