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Friday, 28 January 2011

[ ..hbc.. ]

You know what...
I ♥ Helena Bonham Carter. Not only that I love her acting but also love how quirky she is and how she dresses up and don't give a flying dart to anyone.

Recently she wore this to the Golden Globes and everyone is saying what a horrendous style.

You know what? I LOVE it. I think it's brilliant.

The problem with Hollywood is that they NEVER try to be quirky (except for lady gaga). They all want to be sexy, hot and beautiful. Helena doesn't give a fark. She wears whatever she likes and she owned it!

This is the part I love the most. Mismatch shoes. I shall do the same some day. I love her quirks!

These are some of her red carpet moments I love! I think she looks wonderful in this! I love the hat and the jacket! She's beautiful!

Ahhh I just love the whole outfit!

Plaid attackkk!!! Lovely!Love how she paired the outfit with boots!

Red really matches her well!

Ahhh like little Bo Peep! Polka dots never fails!

I love this green!!

Same boots!!

Princess Helenaa~~

I like how she loves all those frills and lace!

Even her daily outfit can look like this!!!!

Love the layering!

So cuteeee!

Love the shoess!

She looks so good even when she is dressed plainly!

Well, to people who do not like her look, seriously, what do you expect from Tim Burton's life-partner? I still think she is awesome. Both of them! ♥

Helena Bonham Carter is FAWESOMEEE! I cannot wait for The King's Speech to open here!!

The King's Speech is going to be superb! Colin Firth changed his voice entirely and Helena as the Queen Mother!!!! I love them both!!!! (actually i love almost all british actors ahahhah)

Can't wait can't wait can't wait!!! Going to watch this and Black Swan in February!! February is going to be fabulous!!

Well, catch up again soon!


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