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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

[ ..hatred.. ]

Ahhhh you ever get this feeling? When you have been liking something for the longest time? Let say for a year or two.

Then suddenly out of no where, someone you hate/despise or whatever, say that omg they are such a big fan of that something that you liked too! And they proclaimed that they are such a huge fan of the thing and they are such experts of that thing!!!!

You ever get this kinda feeling? Like you wanna punch that someone in the face and say "Shut the fuck up, bitch, you obviously know nothing about this, but you are just pretending that you are such an expert coz you knew that this thing is the coolest thing right now! FYI, it has been cool since a few years ago, so shut the fuck up and lay it off!!"

You ever get this feeling? Yes, you feel like telling off that person, but you can't because she is one of your pretentious friends who think that they are the biggest thing on earth and even though they are outdated, they still want to pretend that they are the one who made things cool?

Yeah. that's how I feel now. That's exactly how I feel. Now. Thank you very much and go fuck yourself, bitch.


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