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Sunday, 26 December 2010

[ ..Welcome.. ]

Yes yes, you didn't walk into a stranger's blog. It's still me here, Suwa of Butabanasaurus. ^^

It's a brand new lay out I hope you love it coz my cousin put a lot effort in it! And I am glad I was able to put in a few thoughts on this.

I love this and so far, this is my favourite lay out. I wish my cousin accept freelance, so that you can ask her to do for you too! She's amazingly talented!!! But for now, she's busy with her final project. So, who knows, maybe one day she is open for freelance. ^^

Alrighty then, I used the whole night to make the sidebar pretty and added a list of my personal favourite posts, by myself, of course. Ya, I am super vain and self-centered. Anyhoo, those posts also helps you to know me better, hahahah. So, if you are super duper free, so take a look at my emo scribblings. Also, the 'Older' button is added below this webpage. Hahah yea, I know last time I don't have it!

The whole design concept and theme came from my love for coffee. Therefore, so many coffee cup stains here and there. 8D Then the header combines with my lomography. Then the stitching and sewing and buttons and pins came from the idea of how a single thread and needle can hold pieces of clothing together. However, the button idea was originally a zipper, but Michii recommended buttons coz zipper are lil more difficult to display. Also, buttons are cuter and have a more vintage feel to it. ^^

Anyhoo... Thanks so much for reading!! May you have a wonderful Sunday! Now, let me catch my sleep! Hehe.

Good morning!!!!


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