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Sunday, 19 December 2010

[ ..too tired to talk.. ]

Comic Fiesta aftermath...

I think i may have just lost my mind and a few bones and also some other senses coz... It's so friggin tiring!!!!

Day One was incredibly packed!! I dunno where all these people come from!!! Got some nice photos!

Day Two was better, not so packed. But then my cousin said that there were some people who came inside the hall without the ticket on their hands. Bleh. Shame on you people.

Yeah, that's all i wanna update now! I wanna enjoy a cuppa milk and watch Mythbusters then sleep sleep sleep. ;_;

Goodnight all! Love you!


update: eeek! I almost hit the divider on the federal highway this afternoon when I was driving back to office!!! ... i fell asleep... when i was awake i was driving on the leftest lane coz I dun wanna drive too fast. But i think somehow I fell asleep and I have no idea how did I turn up on the rightest lane (fast lane)!!!!! It was moments before I hit the divider when I woke up abruptly and quickly steer my car straight. =____= Despite having nine hours of sleep, it's clear that it is not enough for the lack of sleep for the past two nights. Darn!

I wanna go back home now and sleep some more. Darn it!! Gahh!

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