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Saturday, 25 December 2010

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Share seven facts about myself:

 I am a pure Cantonese. Like super pure coz both my ancestors are Cantonese. And I speak Cantonese quite fluently that I am quite proud of it. HAHAHA. But I am absolutely horrible in Mandarin and Hokkien, BUT, I can understand them quite well too. I also personally think that language is the most powerful tool in the world. (Since everyone said something about their bloodline, I also use the same topic lahhh! Though, it's not as interesting as theirs hahah.)

 I love writing a lot, especially stories. But then, I think I love to day dream about a storyline more than actually writing it down. I wish to publish a novel one day. A psychological thriller. The storyline is in my head since I was 11, but I dunno how to end it yet. Writer's block since ten years ago hahahhaha sad.

 I am somehow, unhealthily obsessed with murder stories. Real murder case. To the point that I am interested in seeing the crime scene photos, including the hacked up bodies. Yeah... I know, that's pretty sick. I dunno how I manage to sleep at night. I find the mind of a murderer/serial killer fascinating. Most of the time, they are geniuses. Some other times, they are the as stupid as the Menendez brothers. As brutal as Jeffrey Dahmer is, I kind of find his life very very sad. But then, I have to consider his 17 victims.... :/

 I can watercolour quite well... But then I didn't draw for years so I dunno if my skills still here or not. Anyways, here are some examples of my glory days. (Let me show off a bit lah!!!!! )

Therru from Tales from Earthsea. I changed the background colour coz I couldn't achieve the real one fml! I love the dragon head the most T__T my best work so far, but I copy cat one. /sad.
I SUPER love trees! Coz to me tree is freedom and always standing tall and strong. This is my best rendition, but this drawing is not with me anymore. I regretted that I gave it to a friend who (...subject to different opinions...) At least, I have the photo!!

My sketching. I auto leveled it coz the original is very light. Her name is Rika and she's unimpressed. HAHAHA.

 My favourite can food is baked beans. I can eat a whole can of baked beans on my own. *cue flatulence...*

 I was 16 (technically 15 coz it's not my bday yet at that time) when I knew who and what I want to be when I grow up. I am 20 years and two months old when I achieved that ambition. I am as happy as I should and could be.

now busy meeting with michii to come up with a new blog layout!!!! stay tune!!!this time super duper retro, I think you will love it!!!


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