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Friday, 31 December 2010

[ .. Start Anew 2011.. ]

Hello! Welcome welcome to a brand new year!!! I am really really happy today because I finally finally bought what I wanted for the longest time! Yesh, a brand new camera for the brand new 2011!! I can't believe in this year alone I bought a car and a camera! T_T

To me, it's a huge achievement already. I know a lot more other people achieve a lot more than me, but for me, a half-retarded (or full? ahha) person with mentality of a 6-year-old (i think a 6 year-old is clever than me for sure!) can only do this much in a year and be proud of it! U_U Alright, to mark 2010 of me being 21 years-old, I shall make a list of 21 things I did when I was 21 years-old in no particular order!

1] Ventured into online shopping and never need to be looked down upon by sales persons at the mall anymore!! Faen YOU!!!

2] Met new friends through online and work!!

3] Managed to save money for 2011 travel plans! Still need more though. Mehhh!

4] Went to Malacca in May to celebrate me, poppa and brother's birthday!!!! June babies!

5] Met a few personalities at work that makes me open my eyes and mind bigger and wider.

6] Went to Comic Fiesta with cousins and friends and had a blast!

7] Celebrated early Christmas with cousins and her friends at Poco!

8] Watched Alice in Wonderland (my most anticipated movie of 2010) but got nothing much to say about it.

9] Watched Inception and think that it's the best film of the decade.

10] Fell out of the internet bloggers fandom. Finally realised that my own life is more interesting than reading about them.

11] Experienced the worse car problem evar in my life. I think the car is a curse but I love it so much T_T

12] Bought a new car!

13] Lose some weight and gained it back faster than losing it!!! wtfffff

14] Was degraded by people apparently because IF I'm not using a DSLR or read a whole lot of photography theory on the internet that means I don't know a shit about photography. I still think that photography is all about the heart, not the theory.

15] Got scratched and bitten by my cat brutally and viciously that the scars remain till today.

16] Discovered the beauty of vintage through online shopping!

17] Spent Chinese New Year alone. Quite happy and satisfied.

18] Got into a car accident. Paid for it. Good lesson.

19] Met and watch Inspirative live!! GOsh they are FUNNY!!!! Hope to see them again soon!!

20] Found out that someone I meet everyday is a total bitch and the most judgmental person ever in this whole wide world. The total opposite when I first met her last year. But I learnt a lot from her. LEARN HOW NOT TO BE LIKE HER. /thumbs up

21] Bought a new camera, the Canon G12 that I named Kuroki. Dec 31 is his birthdayyy!!

Yes! Those are what I did in 2010, I know it's not at all interesting but, I can't think of anything special happened through the year! And this year passed by quite fast!

At 9.26pm now, I am sitting in front of of the computer with the 'forever alone' face. HAahahh OKay, not really. I have the rainbow+hopeful face looking at my cat sleeping ever so peacefully on his bed, hugging his teddy bear. AWWW... WHY IS HE SO CUTE!!

I know most people are hanging out with friends and their significant others during this new year time to do their countdown, but I kinda having fun now, typing this. Well, I did this for years hahaah It was only last year when I went to my cousin, Michii' friend, Anna's house with her and do a little countdown then parted ways. The funnest thing is that I went home with Michii and we did multiple countdowns for other countries and announce them on twitter multiple times!! We were so lame hahahhahah!

But we had fun. That was really fun. But then to think of it... We watched Edward Scissorhands that night. New year eve night. Three young girls- two singles and one in LDR.... watch the most 'Forever Alone' movie in history. For new year. ACTUALLY THAT IS QUITE SAD!!!!!

Hahaha but we had fun lah so, it's alright!! Later I'll be joining them!! =D Fingers crossed!

This year, 2010, had been quite fruitful. I learn a lot of new stuff, I know a lot of things that I longed to learn before. I learn how to have fun and take things lightly and not too seriously. It was all good. I started early 2010 quite badly. Plagued with car problems, and other stupid stuff that I don't even want to mention. But I am glad that I end 2010 as happily as I could. I don't even want to bother about a few stupid and retarded stuff anymore because it's not worth it. I tried to save it but it just ends up more retarded than before. And I am sick of making the effort to do these things. I think it's best I leave it alone and live my own life, a little more Dramaless. ^^

Anyhoo, I shouldn't dwell on this anymore, so here is my new New Year Resolution. I hope I can do it all next year!


[1] Lose at least 5 kgs by June!!! Then keep away from gaining weight starting from July. =D

Geez, Miss Chan!! How many times you need to do this resolution EVERY SINGLE YEAR AND NOT ACHIEVING IT????!!! Hopefully you won't have to repeat this resolution in 2012. =_=

[2] Make friends, be nice, don't be so calculative- unless with calculative friends- and have fun!

I hope I can retain this next year!!! =D

[3] Pick up my film lomography again and take good care of my cameras!! (i.e.: Colonel (old KFC camera Mich gave me haha), Supatenshi, Kuuma and new Kuroki!!)

Lets hope I can do this. =__=

[4] Get out of country for more than TWICE in 2011!!!

Yes, I retain this old resolution. REALLY hope all my travel plans will succeed this time. Geez!

[5] Try not to pick a fight with a particular bitch. and other people.

I TRY MY BEST OK!!! USUALLY she is the one who lit up my fire!!!!!

[6] Do my best at work, hit deadline and not complain and try to achieve something at work. Get higher marks at appraisal!! 8D

Ehehehehehem... Yeahh.. I will do my best.

[7] SAVE RM X by Dec 2011!!!!!

Yeah.. that.. I'm gonna use so much money travelling.. I kinda doubt that I can do it!!! errrr BUT I WILL TRY MY BEST to not spend my savings all!!!

[8] Love Shiro-kyun uncontrollably and remember to bring him to vaccination next month hahahha. Buy him lotsa food.

YEahh... been doing that since I had him heheh. He's za love of mai laif!!!

[9] Continue to give monthly allowance to mom and dad.

That's the least that I can do.. but yeahh...

[10] Go to every Silent Scenery (my brother's band) gigs!!! Starting from January 2011 at KLPac Open Day!!!!

Yes, I will, yes I will. It's super fun and I would love to take video clips of them performing!!! Nice to see your brother gone crazy on stage, really. Hehe.

ALRIGHT!!! THAT's MY NEW Year Resolution!!!!!!! I'm loving it so far and I really hope I can do it all NEXT YEAR!!!! CANNOT afford to fail again! T_T I did so badly for the last year one!

This is also the year I didn't include the 'stalk ayu and johnny' resolution anymore coz seriously, it has nothing to do with my life.

I also drop the 'find a lover' resolution coz I don't think that's gonna happen forever. So yeahhh.. /Forever alone face.

Well, I'm so far happy with where end of 2010 is leading and I hope there will be more happy things to come!!! I'm getting ready to go to Anna's house now!!!

SEE YOU SOON AND HAVE A HAPPY HAPPY MERRY JOYFUL NEW YEAR!! I love you all!!!! Send me kisses and snuggles to your pets and soft toys!!! Have a great night and have a great great January 1, 2011 TOMORROW!!

Much LOVE,
Suwa; the Butabanasaurus.

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