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Friday, 31 December 2010

[ ..resolution review.. ]

I know right... it is the time when I have to review my new year resolution from last year and then find out that you failed most of them. FML.

Anyhoo, it is a tradition in this blog and I should continue it no matter what. So here it is. Last year's 2010 New Year Resolution put on the chopping board!!

.New Year Resolution 2010..

[1] = 57 kg by June and 54kg by December. How about that, Miss Chan? =P

FAILED. Miserably. I managed to get to 60KG in July. But couldn't lower than that and I relapsed into more food coz I gave up my diet. Now, I don't even dare to weigh myself. I failed badly in this one.

[2] = Make more friends and be nice!

Alrighty!! I think I achieved this one right?! Friends I made this year, Ana, Tirah, Rot and Nab!! Although not exactly very very very close, but at least we know we share the same interest!! Vintage FTW! And also Jane whom I met from work. =D I'm glad I met them all!! I love the internet!! WIN!

[3] = Learn more about photography and lomography! Get Blackbird, fly by end of May!!!

No, I did not get a BlackBird, Fly by end of May because my old car dieded and I need to get a new car. Therefore, my allowance for toy cameras also cut short. I didn't get another camera after the Golden Half. And I didn't touch my lomo cameras for months. Sigh.. But then, I am getting a Canon G12 soon. So... I guess I kinda achieved this one? haha. I did learn a lot about photography this year. I still need to learn how to take good portraits of people. HALF-WIN.

[4] = Join a marathon.
I DID NOT DO THIS! I wanted to join the marathon, but too busy and lazy. T___T sorry.

[5] = Together and forever stalk Ayu-chan and Johnny-sama's songs and movies, respectively.

I kind of... took a break in stalking ayu-chan. But I still following her in twitter despite not understanding anything she wrote!! And I am deeply disappointed with ayu's new album this year. Meh... And Johnny-sama. Gosh... I just... couldn't watch The Tourist. Due to horrible reviews and Angelina Jolie. I never think of her as a good actress before because she always acts in the same roles. I think i won't include this stalking fandom in my next year's resolution. I'd grown up, at last. FAILED.

[6] = Create an album for your lomography.

WHICH i did not do. FAILED.

[7] = Get out of country at least twice in 2010.

With Bangkok and Hadyai trip canceled, there weren't any out-station trips for 2010. I only managed to get to Langkawi. so.. FAILED.

[8] = Be more confident in the things you do and do not complain about it!

Yes, I am a lot more confident in what I do and I did not complain as much as I did last year. So, WIN.

[9] = Saving enough money for the future? I know you don't care much for the future. Present is fine enough. ^^ But saving is good. Okay, hit rmX in your bank account by December 2010!

YES, I DID HIT RMX in my bank account on December 2010!! Actually I already hit it in July? but I keep taking some out and lend to my brother and these and that!!!! So, I SUPER WIN THIS ONE!!!

[10] = You have found the love of your life (note: Shiro-kyun), you think you can find the second love of your life?

Ah well... this one. Sorry. I did not manage to grab any attention coz I'm fat and ugly like that. Too bad the entire population of men in M'sia only likes skinny and pretty girls. So... yeah. FAILED.

I did very very badly for this year's resolution. I wish I can do better but seriously, who keeps looking at the new year resolution and try to achieve all of them?! I know that is the purpose of resolutions, but I don't remember to keep track!!!!!!

Although I failed most of them, I have to say that I find 2010 pretty enjoyable. I had a rough first six months of 2010, but I super love the last six months! I met new friends and I had great outings with cousins and friends. And I super love them all! And I'm more open to new ideas and start to take things more lightly.

I think the key to enjoy yourself and your own life is to NOT take things too seriously. Because it will make you more tense, stress and depressed. Take this advice from me! I'd been there and done that!

Ahh well.. I cannot wait for 2011 where I turn 22, meet more new people and have more fun! I am very optimistic towards the new year! Hope 2011 is a great year and won't disappoint me! Coz I was thinking that 2009 is gonna be a good year but it turns out to be the worse year of my life. It's just traumatic to even think of that year. I try to delete 2009 off my mind from time to time.

Anyways, here's to a new year!!!! *raise champagne glass* - *gulp down champagne*

24 hours to 2011!!!!! I will come back with a new NEW year resolution tonight! Stay tune!


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