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Thursday, 2 December 2010

[ ..hey ya, it's friday yo.. ]

My kinda work is like this. Even if it is Friday, there is no TGIF for us. Coz sometimes, Friday can be super busy. However, if I tell you what assignments I have for tomorrow, you will just feel like strangling me and say : "Fcuk you, man! You call that ASSIGNMENT? That's like enjoying yourself, man!!"

No matter how much I explain to people, they won't understand that to me, work is work. Even if the work include me talking to tonnes of PRs with a fake smile on my face and try to be everyone's good friend (and watching a movie that i personally detest)

Anyhoo, tomorrow's gonna be a long day and I couldn't wait for it to be over (it's just 9.51pm thursday now).

Today I went to Starbucks for a little meal and they gave me their limited edition Christmas tumbler and thisssss!!!

Guess what?


It's a christmas tree ornament, but who cares?! It's just CUTE!

So detailed!!! eeeek!!!♥♥♥

Heyyy yaa! I just took this pic ten minutes ago!

Ziz iz notza toyz.

If you ask, what's the black and white thing on the back ground...

Itzzaaa Zebraaaa's butt. Now I stare at his butt daily.

An awesome zebra named Zebra. =_= we aren't that imaginative or creative after all.

We are afraid that he will run out on us, or run away from the coldness of our office, we have to tied it to a pole. (sometimes I doubt that my office is an office. it could be a stable.)

A little touch of elephant clip by my boss. He loves elephant!


Camwhore~ That's my water bottle from my form six school days! I still use it now!

Yep, that's how I stare at his butt daily.

This is hanged beautifully right here now. =D That's my earphone jack.

Colleague's tables...

I am so glad that I am sitting at the corner with nobody looking at me behind me! However, the cons is that I have the scariest lady in office sitting beside me. Although she has been very nice to me for a year and 4 months long, I wouldn't know if she will start bullying me when I start sitting beside her. T_T

I just hope that my monitor is obscured from her view so that she wouldn't be looking at what I do all the time. However, it is now obvious that I cannot slack anymore because the whole table will realise that I am slacking when I do. DARN it!

But I think that is a good thing because I can be more productive and learn more and be a better worker! :D

Okie dokes, it's pretty late now and I think I should head home. ^^ Starbucks manage to make me happier coz I got a free drinks, a free stamp card, five more coupons to add to my leftover two, a beautiful limited edition tumbler and a mini cup ornament.

I hope I manage to collect all the stamps so that I can redeem the 2011 organiser! I already got one stamp, so I have 11 cups more!! gosh!!! how much money is there?! And every cup has to be Grande size sumore!! T___T

Jeez I really want that organiser! It's so nice and good quality!

Neways, I'm heading home now. Hope you will have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend. Flee ya!


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