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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

[ ..eyes are blurry.. ]

Dunno why but recently whenever I put on my contact lens I feel dizzy and out of focus. My eyes cannot focus on anything at all and it happens through the whole day I'm wearing my lens. I think its time to change contact lens already.

This week has been quite long for me. I cannot believe that today is only Wednesday. I guess this is what happens when you wish for the time to move faster. It will move slower just to piss you off.

I dunno why I cannot sleep early and wake up early nowadays. However, if I sleep early I will still wake up late. I cannot bring myself up from the bed. My backache is not helping much too. Maybe that is the reason why I don't feel like waking up because I still feel tired even after an 8-hour sleep.

Anyways, here are some photos I collected through last week to this week.

Michii took this when I fetch her out for cake session at Secret Recipe last Friday. For some reason, I really like it!

Although its blurry but you can still feel the motion in the photo. I like!

Also around last week, I went for a Tony Roma's event and I got to try their Bountiful Beef Rib. It's nice, but seriously, I don't see the fuss.

My colleague made a mistake and ordered the steak in well done. I knew it's a mistake when she ordered it but she insisted that it's because the chef dunno how to prepare it. I may not be a Tony Roma's fan but I think she should have ordered it medium well instead. The steak is almost as hard a stress ball. Dunno why she has to be so anti TR to the point that she can say the chef dunno how to prepare it. How would she know, seriously?

Cat's being emo as usual. I used color accent on this photo!

I bought a new powder brush from a shop in SGWang. It's cheap but it's super soft and smooth! T_T happy.

The handle has some chinese writing on it -Lameila- or something lidat. So I used my cellotape to cover the whole thing. I can has lepet prween.

Bought a new pressed powder (i used it as a foundation though) because my previous free foundation (also from revlon) is too fair for me. T_T

This one is just fine and it's not heavy at all, but it doesn't cover my most blemishes though. I need a better concealer. And I do not quite like the case. So flimsy. but then, I should just be happy with the powder itself lah. Who cares about the casing!

I finally own a sunscreen. Gosh, now my skin is protected from the evil sun. This smells good.

I have a very very bad habit. I like to take photos when I drive. Because that is the only time I see the Sun. and Sunlight is good lighting to photo taking....

Hahaha wisma thrifty near to my office. I should totally own this building.

Prove that I really take photo when I drive.

Waiting for elevator in the lobby.

This afternoon I went up to the 29th floor of GTower. The tall building is The Intermark.

KLcc can be seen too. I think this place will look better at night with all the luminescence lighting.

Glass railing.

I used color accent again. hehe now all the buildings look even older.

I wanted to make the twin towers yellow but unsuccessful. I just wanted to make them look more like jagung I guess.

I lub this pic. Sunflare is fawesome. I'm a huge fan of Sofia Coppola. so, you should know why I love sun flare hahaha. Sofia can do take the best shots with flares. T_T she's awesome.

Neways, it was a Motorola event today. And as usual I have no luck in the lucky draw. If anyone knows me, they know that I hate my name card. Not only because it's ugly, it's also because it gives me no chance in winning anything during lucky draws.

NOBODY, likes our namecard, even when they cannot see how it looks like. Because even the touch of the namecard is like shit. You can feel that it is some cheap grade name card. It's horribleeee!!!

Jeez, when will we change our name card man. I missed out on iPhone4, missed the blackberries, missed a few HTC smartphones, missed Toshiba laptops, missed some other smartphones and alot more other things lahhh!! I hate my name card!!!!!! But then when I leave that time they gave me a goody box. It's a men watch wtfff.. But I like it lah. I'll just wear it and act macho.

Urgh. Okie dokes. This post will end now. Thanks for reading and hopefully this year I will do a proper post on Comic Fiesta lah ya. Will update you on that soon!

Have a great great day!


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