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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

[ ..upditos to you.. ]

Hi. Here I am again wasting time here writing nonsense instead of writing what I should be writing right now.

There isn't much happening in my life recently. One thing that happened recently t is that I met a friend whom I first and last met in April this year. She was at her first assignment and she's cool and nice! But I dunno why soon after we bid adieu and said to stay in touch in the holy almighty fb, we both didn't do so maybe because we were too busy with work.

But this time around, when I meet her again for the second time, we talked as if we had known each other for years. I think I have more things to chat with her than my old friends.

From what I'd gathered from this second meeting with her, I know that she is quite well-off. She lived in the centre of the city but moving away to some where far by the end of this month. She is a bunny lover and she is a Japan-enthusiast like I am. She also like the Western cultures and like me, she is a movie buzz. She is not a fussy person and she is not judgemental. She is very down to earth and she is a free thinker and we both detest a certain religion because of what it had done to our friends or family.

She likes to shop, party and have fun. She is very outgoing and probably have a lot of friends. She also seem to be quite a big spender. These are the only differences that I found in about 6 hours of conversation.

But so far, I think this is a friendship that I should keep because, not very often I find someone who will actually listen to my thoughts on stuff and also someone whose topic of conversation interests me. I only hope that I won't screw things up again!! Darn it!

-By the way, my FF8 game is now last saved at Ragnarok. Where Squall and stupid Rinoa have to defeat a bunch of colourful dragons. Darn it. My Rinoa level so low I don't even know how the hell am I gonna defeat them all. This is not good!

That is why I didn't touch my game until now. I think it had been two weeks. T_T

-I am also currently leaving my nails to be longer. I never had nails this long. I think I finally achieved long nails, after 21 years of living on earth. But heck, the nails keeps poking my eyes whenever I take out my contact lens! T_T this is shit.

-Appraisal is coming my way and I am scared shitless. Serious. I think I did so badly for these few months that I just wanna go die thinking of talking to my editor about my performance.

-I went to Uniqlo last week and I bought a pair of skinny jeans. I own a UJ! woohoo! but then, this might be the last time you will ever see me mentioning about Uniqlo anymoar. Coz the store is so mothereffing expensive to the point that I wanna hang myself in there. I saw so many jackets I like but they are priced at 499 to 699. I just wanna kill myself seriously.

-I had been very vintage lately, pairing I have up nicely and looking as if I came from the 50s, 60s and 70s. One of my colleague said that I looked like I walked out of Mad Men and I am the best dressed in the office. Seriously, who doesn't like compliment but then I don't quite agree with her lah. I like her style more. So cool weh she!

I only have a regret that I don't own an awesome camera, a room with awesome lighting, have the time to go to the park to have photoshoot, and a slim body. Because of those reasoning, I can never show you how vintage I am T_T

-CF is coming and I already have two looks in my mind for the two days! Happy!

-I'd just realised that the school girl dress I bought from VR is not wearable to any where except for special occasion coz it's too formal. T_T But I still love the dress!!

-My tummy is getting huger. Darn it! I need to do sit ups from now on! (as if that will happen)

-I started using Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid moisturiser lotion. I have no idea if this is my imagination but then I feel like my skin slightly improved and there are less white/black heads on my face already. And my pores shrunk too. And my skin appears to be smoother than before, especially in the morning. I still dunno if these are just my imagination or if really for reals.

-I'm finally gonna get a pair of boots!

-Can't wait for December really. I'm gonna take a whole friggin week off and see what can I do and where can I go during the week!

-It's gonna be 2011 in a month or so?! Gosh where did 2010 go?!

-I realised that I only have girl friends. I dunno if that's a good thing or not.

-I have so many make up tools finishing I need to get them all when I get my salary!!!!! I dunno since when eyeliner had become an essential tool to me.

-I'm back to UK12-14. FTS I cant never get close to UK10, can I????!!!!! GARHHHHH

-I need to finish an article today. Am I going to finish it? Dammit!!!

-Apparently after a year working here I can never use my puppy eyes to convince people to forgive my stupidity. Heheheheheeh

I think this may be the end of my random update post. I really wanna blog properly but I have no idea what to blog about so here this is. Blahhhhhhh!

Okie, back to me job. Good day to you!

Have a wonderful Tuesday evening!!


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