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Sunday, 28 November 2010

[ ..the school.. ]

I don't have school pride. I was proud of my school when I was in it. But as soon as I left it, I'm not proud of it anymore.

I am not proud of my school as most of my school mates are. Whenever people ask me about my school, they expect me to say "OH I adore my school! It's the best years of my life!", because it seems that every single Convent Raintown girls say that.

My school days were horrible and I do not wish to mention about it anymore.

I never understand why my schoolmates, including my sisters who are from the same school as I am are so proud of our school. What is there to be proud of?

Proud of producing high class bitches and backstabbers? Proud of producing arrogant girls who think ever so highly of themselves?

Convent Raintown girls are the most vain girls I ever seen in my life. (oh well, if you wish to include me, it's alright. I admit that I am vain too coz I AM a Convent alumnus.)

They think that they are better than the other people on earth just because they carry the name Convent with them. NO, you are not. You are just a typical student like everyone else. There is nothing special about being a Convent girl.

They do not have respects for people below their intelligence. They think that people who have lower grades than them will not succeed in their lives. Sorry to tell you this but, getting straight As does not mean you will get a secure job next time.

The worse thing about Convent are the teachers. The teachers all have pets. And the pets are often those who are incredibly clever and they get good grades all the time. And the teachers ostracise the average and less-than-average students. They look down on them. They do not care about them, as they only care about the clever ones.

And the students/alumni, they ALL worship the teachers. I HAVE no idea WHY. I only worship ONE teacher, my form4 English teacher, Mrs Shirley Ong. THAT is all. Because she changed my life forever.

These alumni, they WORSHIP the teachers although they are practically useless idiots who knows how to talk crap during class and not teach properly. For instance, the Mister that has the same surname as I do.

Mister C thinks that we are interested in listening to his life stories more than learning ENGLISH from him. "Oh my son this and that" "OH my daughter can draw so fucking well!" "OH, i surprised my wife by bringing her flower on Valentine's day".

Tell me, just tell me. Are those 'topics' needed in our English class?

He does not like me, this is one thing I found out during that half year of his teaching. My guts scares him off I think. He likes to act as if I am invisible. He doesn't like to give me any attention.

One time, he came to our table to talk to us about our future tertiary education. He told three of my friends to continue their studies in Mass Comm because they have excellent English. He spoke to everybody and gave them suggestions and asked them to use their English well in the future. Then, he walked away without even planting his eyes on me or even give me a little 'future' talk.

Of course, I am jealous. Who in the class doesn't know my true love in English and what I want to be in the future. And he totally ignored me.

Well, well well, Mr C. Look where I am now. And sorry, I will never credit you as my English teacher because I learn nothing from you. Sorry that I am not a butt licker like most of my schoolmates, but I am capable of becoming what I aimed without your 'thoughtful' advice. Fuck you.

Of course, I am not saying that I will be more successful than my schoolmates. I know that they will all do better than me in their professional professions. And I will just lead an average life in the future.

But I have nothing to complain because I had grown. I used to look forward the days when I can be the richest among the richest in the country and show my big ugly face to them that the girl who didn't get straight As like they did, can do better than them.

But it is not the case now because I had found my priority in life and my only hope and wish for now is to lead an average normal and quiet life. I don't want big cars, I don't want big house, and I don't need branded stuff.

All I want is to lead a quaint life and be happy. Gold and glitters will only ruin lives. I am happy being average and have enough to survive.

You all can achieve all the big dreams you all like. Go become the top Convent girls or whatever. As long as I can tell my rag to average riches life to little kids one day, I will be glad that I am not my schoolmates.

Have a good Sunday all.


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