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Sunday, 7 November 2010

[ ..mint.. ]

I am now armed with a heavy flu, sore throat, dry cough, splitting migraine and 20% full body energy.

I slept for 10 hours last night hoping that my sickness will be gone by today, but it seems that it failed miserably. I'm in a situation that is even worse than last night. Vicks is my best friend now and the cat wouldn't stop smelling and licking my nose coz he has some fetish towards herbal/spearmint/old people smell.

I wiped my hand on my shorts after stuffing vicks in my nose (pure exaggeration) and now he couldn't stop smelling and frolicking around my shorts. I shall change my shorts and put it aside for him now, coz seriously, his claws hurt my butt.

Being sick at this age reminds me a lot of me being sick as a child. As far as I know, I am a sickly child. Skinny and frail. Shocking, I know. Also, as far as I noticed, I am also the most dramatic sicker in the house. I will be shivering in cold late into the night, and my mom will hear me whimpering in my bed, and she will wake my dad up to fetch me to the doctor.

I particularly remember this scene. Dad held my sorta lifeless body in his arms and mom trailed behind him. He walked under the dollops of rain to the car, put me in the back seat, mom joined me later holding me, keeping me warm in her bosom. Dad frantically drives to a 24-hour clinic.

And when I got home from the doctor, Mom took such good care of me. I did not sit up on my bed for a whole day! Mom brought me warm water, awful medicine and extra blanket. I was 6.

It was so blissful for me. I liked to be sick when I was a child. Especially when I started schooling. It's the most legit way to skip schools and your mom will take such good care of you instead of being angry at you lazing around the house, not studying at school.

The last time I got such great care from mom is when I was in form6. One morning I woke up rather groggy but I still want to go to school because, I already skipped school for more than a couple of days that month. I thought that I need to space out so I should not skip school.

Mom drove me to school every morning so that morning was not exception. I was really in a bad shape and mom was in her usual grumpy morning mode. She tsked and groaned and nagged me for being a drama queen. Seriously, I was really really sick. By the time I reached the front gate of the school- still in the car- mom FINALLY noticed that my face was pale and I look like Voldemort's grandaughter.

So she asked one more time if I really wanna go to school that morning. I silently shook my head because I dare not to open my mouth. Why? Coz I was so close to vomiting already.

When I arrived home, I immediately walked to the toilet and wanted to barf but nothing came out coz I did not eat anything before I went to school. Anything that I ate the night before already been digested. So nothing came out except for a little water in my stomach that I consumed in the morning.

Mom told me to take some rest while she went out to buy breakfast and others. I waited in my room at first but it was too stuffy so I went out to the living room. I watched some reruns of Friends on TV. I do not even have the energy to laugh.

Mom came back with some soup noodle and she poured it in a bowl for me, together with a glass of warm water.

I ate the noodle. Couldn't really consume them all. My stomach feels stuffed for no reason. After a few morsels, I put the bowl down beside the sofa and I took some rest.

Then it came. I can feel the noodles were crawling their way back in to my mouth. The muscles in my esophagus pushed the concoctions slowly upwards, and I knew that I had to barf. I ran to the nearest sewage system- which is the kitchen sink- and I vomited right there. Everything I ate in the morning came back right out.

Although mom had a hard time trying to drain my acid washed noodles in to the sink, surprisingly, she did not scold me, except for a few nags on: "Next time you wanna barf, go to the toilet!" *shrugs*

I went to the doctor right after and she told me that it might be food poisoning or something. I don't really remember. I went back home to sleep on my lovely bed and mom tend me onwards.

I some how kinds wish that she would layan me now. But she is busy watching TV. I guess that's the price of growing up, aye? People will stop giving you any forms of luxury treatments, coz 'you are old enough to take care of yourself!'.

But nobody says that you are too old to be a child, is there? ;)

Have a great weekend, all. Good night and do wish me get well soon. I don't wanna take medical leave on Monday. I got tonnes to finish. ^^

Nighty night.


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