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Saturday, 27 November 2010

[ ..may december be lovely.. ]

It has been one year.

Seriously, it's one year already? It only felt like last week when I got my first appraisal. My first appraisal was pretty normal to me. Seriously I didn't feel anything because I have no fucking idea what appraisal is.

Now that I just got my second appraisal today... Part of me is happy but another part is kinda down coz although my boss gave me whole lot of advices and told me that I can certainly come up with my own stories, and also told me that I had potential to be an all-rounded errr worker, although I didn't have the education that everyone else have, but I just feel that even after a year and 4 months, I didn't improve much, really. I have so much more to learn.

My boss is really the nicest boss anyone could have. I am so blessed to have him as my first boss ever. I wish I had work for him earlier so I can spend more time under his wings and learn how to be a better person.

I did get a salary increment, have no idea how much, but even if a little, I am very glad. But I didn't get a promotion. But it's alright. I knew it will take longer for me to climb. I should just be happy with what is given.

December seems swell so far. I am looking forward it for the whole year. I just didn't expect it to arrive so soon.

There are people who doesn't want time to go so fast. Because it would only means, you will grow older and older. But I don't care about those. I like to be old.

I have this obsession since I was young. I always ask my parents 'When will I be older like eldest sister?".

I stand by my obsession till this day. I still cannot wait until the day when I can be wiser and even more independent than right now.

I don't care about wrinkles and saggy boobs. All I care is the day when I can finally leave earth and its hopelessness. In another words, I couldn't wait to die.

All human do in this world is to grow up and die. In between, you study and get a job and use some money. Then you die. There aren't any meaning to humanity, really. We are just here to make the world worse. Then you leave the world.

It's sad really. But that's what it is.

However, as I am waiting for the day I die, I will enjoy life and its stupidity as much as I can. Enjoy the money I earn, enjoy whatever I have right now. I dunno how many years I still have, but I know I will die anytime anywhere. So I better do everything that I won't regret on my death bed.

Oh dear, December, please be lovely. I want to end this year as best as I could. Regardless the death of my old car, regardless the change of life after I got my car, regardless everything that happen. I hope I can be happy for the whole of December. So I will have no regrets for 2010.

And may 2011 will be even better. I have so many plans for 2011, I hope it will all succeed. Hope money will be a lesser problem for me. Hope everything will be fine.

I will have to do my new year resolution again soon. Gah.. i can't face my last year resolution...

For now, I just hope that everything will go smoothly after today.

FYI, I will be at the Hitachi Flea Bazaar this Sunday. Shall be there at 11am sharp. Wouldn't want to miss out on the good stuff. ^^

If you are there, don't forget to say hello to me!

After that I will go for a movie with Jane. =D Can 't believe I have a friend that I can hang out with that is not my former schoolmates!!!! (what a fucking loser me)

Btw, next month, there will be an art festival at Balai Seni Lukis Negara. It's called Rantai Art. Visit them HERE.

My brother and his band - Silent Scenery (MYSPACE and FACEBOOK here)will be playing on the last day. With my favourite post-rock band, Inspirative (MYSPACE and FACEBOOK here) from Thailand! *__*

Music performances on the last day, Dec 26 is as listed here:

4 PM - 10 PM
music performance
  • Mikrobotmen
  • Azfar Allias
  • Zip Zieller
  • Khottal
  • Spritz!!!
  • Moi Last Von
  • Inspirative
  • Silent Scenery
  • Tri Soundhouse
  • Asboon
Silent Scenery.. Guess which is my brother haha..

Inspirativeeee!!! OMG i can't wait to see them LIVE!!!! *___*

Admission for Rantai Art activities are all free! So you don't have to pay a cent to watch superb performance. IF you are interested in watching my brother's band and Inspirative (they are really awesome, really, no joke), you are welcome to hop on to my car for a ride to there (if you hv no transport to go there)!

Just showing how awesome Silent Scenery is. This is them performing in Singapore Baybeats festival last year.

The funny thing about my brother's band is that, they don't have much fans in Malaysia, but when they go to Singapore and Bangkok they managed to pull enough people to their gigs, just to watch Silent Scenery to perform. =_= That is one reason why i hate malaysians. they have no taste in good music.

Oh well, and yea I will be going for a writing workshop on the 22nd! Hope I can find time to get there!!

Neways, yea... gotta start working hard starting from next monday. I think I will write something on Comic Fiesta 2010 and try to get it published!!! Hopefully I can help them a little! :D

Okie dokes then, I shall go get some rest now. Have an assignment tomorrow evening. Have a great night/morning!!



sorry, keep using the photos from the same batch.. i really didn't cam whore for the longest time...

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