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Monday, 11 October 2010

[ ..vin-thrift.. ]

I'm gonna do this post with two voices. One is the emo voice and another underneath every photos of ze lovely Audrey Hepburn, explaining why she is my vintage fashion icon. Enjoy.

My new found love for vintage clothing since March this year has just blossomed into to a larger space in my wardrobe that I think the steel rod holding the clothes can even hold on anymore.

*lovely audrey hepburn. the only skinny girl i love who did not seem unhealthy at all. always so vibrant and lovely*

Made the little black dress ever so famous

Sailor girl!

She loves black and white eh?

I've met the most wonderful people who inspired me to dress better in vintage and learn more about layering.

Therefore, I shall take my time and write a full post about these people and the one interest we share, later. The love for vintage and thrifting.

Seems that many would mention Breakfast as Tiffany's where she looks the best in her iconic black dress, but it was this outfit that really caught my eyes.

Casual chic.

I am very much still an amateur and hope to join in the gang of wondrous girls who has old soul. I don't very much fit in any social situation or any 'gang' or 'group' even since in my school years.

The only one 'group' I loved during my school years, was the dim sum gang. I wonder if any of those people who once in my little silly club remembers the dim sum gang anymore. Well, at least I still do.

That waist. omg..

I love her personalities and charisma. And also her modest oufits. She never wore anything too sexy or revealing. She looks her best in shirts and long skirts like this.

I am trying very hard to break away from my old shell and leave whatever that had happened behind me and start anew. I tried very hard, but too often that they came back to haunt me. I want to get away and leave the old suwa behind and create a new and better version of suwa. So far, I think I'm doing quite well.

Gosh I want that shirt.

And this one too. THAT collar!!!

Classiest wedding dress ever!

When the bridge is burn, there is nothing much to do about it except to not look behind and continue strutting forward for a better view of the other side of the island. For years I had been trying to do so, but i failed one too many times that I thought that I may never break away from the shadow of my past.

She wore this in My Fair Lady. My favourite outfit of the movie. HAHA not the super tight white dress with enormous hat or the one she wore for the ballroom dancing.

Audrey.. where did you get that bag? I want.

Can you see the gigantic LV luggage beside her? D8

But for the last two days, I've met the most wonderful people. At that moment when I felt hopeless, my eyes were gleamed by the vision of these quirky stylish girls. At that one moment, a light flickered in my tiny brain and realised that Yes, I still can do something to leave the old suwa behind, and not trapped in it.

I love this black dress more than the body hugging one in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

She's super beautiful in this dress.

Words can't describe how awesome this pic is. Audrey is my girl!

They lighten me up. Although it was just for a few minutes, they lighten up my world. I know, that if I can continue in this little manifesting interest of mine, I may one day be one of them. Love, joy and peace.


I super love this outfit! I shall emulate this look!

Lovely! I know it's weird how the body shape of mine would choose to emulate Audrey's style because she was stick thin. But I think a plus size girl can try out these styles as long as they know which suits them, and which does not.

Living in the 21st century world in different personas from the 20s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and 90s.

This little post does not do any justice to the girls, and I can only do more research, planning and drafting before mention about any of them. I will get back to you about it later this week.

The girl who wore a long dress, no shoes, and holding an umbrella to play golf.

But I have one person to thank right now.

Thanks dear Ana, for bringing the joy of vintage and thrifting to my world. Thanks for teaching me about postage and such. Vintage Packstocks is the first place I tried vintage clothing and online shopping in general. I shall elaborate about the evolution of my love for vintage in the other post later. But now, thanks dear pretty lovely Ana. You are as lovely as the moon shining brightly above us.

For now, I shall take a rest and get back to real life.


Favourite Audrey photos. with bicycle.

Love how she pairs the outfit that way and the loafers too!

On the set of My Fair Lady.

Best photo of her ever! Gotta love Audrey!

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