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Friday, 8 October 2010

[ ..teal for thought.. ]

Here I am, back and less emo. In case you forgot how I look like anymore, here are some photos I took in my favourite hide out place in KL.

I may look grumpy, but I ain't feeling that way. I was happy to be there! Enjoying mah omuraisu and sis loved her unagi don!

I fell in love with the green tea pudding. I think I love it more than the homemade tofu cake.

Poser. Acting sophisticated.


Smoking pot spoon!

Poser. Bunneh!

Here is mah cat frolicking on mah bed on a sunny afternoon. He loves the sun!

*lick lick* Do you think he needs to lose some weight? =O

Poser. Too cute. i love how he always looks into the camera!

Whatcha looking at?!

"I Mish You... D;"
I really should consider using his photos to make post cards!

Sunbathing cat! Look at the tiny sun flare on the top right corner!!! T_T j'adore!

I love mah cat!! T_T and I hope he loves me too! T__T

Gonna start working on some stuff now! Have a good day all! Lovely weekend ahead!



This mini post below is NOT directed to the people I love, meaning You You You and You. I hope you know how much who you are and how much I love you gals. and I wish the best for you gals. And you all can do better than me, in every way in life. I know you can.

p.s.: they say, people without a religion or a god are usually fucked up shit. i got no say on that coz i turn up albeit a little emo, but i'm pretty well done. At least i can earn my own money, pay off my car loan myself, feed myself and my cat, extra money to spend and extra money to save for the future. It may not be enough, but i can see a better future in a year's time. I don't need 'god's' guidance.

while most of the 21 year-olds i know are still getting their degree with a loan from the government with no property of their own. I'm not being snobbish really, but I had enough of people telling me that 'god' has his plans and you are one of his plans. Sorry lah, please take me out of your stupid plan and let me live my own life.

i do not like how ppl think that just because you are a free thinker or a religion-free person you are hopeless, wandering around the world without a purpose and all that shit. Sorry ah, people who has no religion sometimes turns up better than those who had coz they are too busy praying than to actually do something about a horrific situation they are going through.

There are certain extents in religion that some people can become obsessed and go crazy over it. Then they start telling everyone how his/her god help him in this and that. Sorry ah, whatever you achieve is your own effort, not god's. God doesn't take tests for you, god doesn't give you better memory, god doesn't drive your car, god doesn't PLAN YOUR FUTURE for YOU.

You are the one who plan for your future. NOT god. You wanna believe in god? Let me tell you how to do it.

Believe that there is this superbeing up in the air, looking down on you all. Or you can also believe that there is this superbeing down in the ground, looking up to you all. Believe that he is there and always look at you all. Looking at you studying, looking at you bathing, looking at you having sex, looking at you doing whatever you are doing ALL THE TIME.

Then when something bad happen to you, or you are going to take a big exam, Go and ask for his strength or whatever you all usually ask for, AND THAT IS ALL.

He won't answer the questions for you, he won't tell you what to do, he won't give you any clues. YOU are the one who should come up with a solution YOURSELF, not god, coz god give you your LIFE, give you the independent to control your own life and let you be who you are.

If he has plans for you, if he has solutions for you and if he give you clues on how to live your life, then you are NOT who you are anymore, but simply a false being yourself. False because you can never have your own rules, can never decide in your lives and can never choose what you want to choose.

god has no solutions for you. You are the one who should come up with a solution coz (if u really believe in god), HE gives you the RIGHT to decide on your life. Therefore, no matter how many prayers you make, you still have no solutions to a problem. Imagine this:

You are god and you make a human life form. 6 billions of them. Then suddenly 4 billions prays to him at once for solution. Don't u think you are tad too disrespecting to him because he gave you the right and you don't use it but ask him for one?!

In conclusion, DON't Be Lazy. Think of your own solutions. Solutions don't drop down from the sky. god doesnt make things poof like that. You need to make it poof yourself! Don't be lazy and be your own judge. Be your own henchman! Nobody will do the work for you unless you do it yourselves.

Thank goodness I don't have a god coz I would be praying so much now that I don't think i have the time to enjoy my life anymore. Not that my life is very enjoyable but still. 8D

good luck.

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