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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

[ ..lift it up bro!.. ]

Gah... i think i'm turning into an aunty or something. My mom doesn't use to 'collect' things from hotels she been to. She only did that after I did it. GOSH, i turn my mom into an aunty too!!

It started last year when I first went to genting alone for assignment. The first two times I went there I didn't take anything back; i.e: soap bar, shower cap; coz there aren't much thing to take anyways.

Then one day I just feel like taking home the flimsy shower cap coz I started doing hair mask at home and i don't like those thick and tight shower cap we can get outside. Furthermore, they always cost a lot. Then it happened.

I start to take home the shower cap whenever I go there for assignments. And the soap bar too coz I like it. But so far I only took home three of them. One bar each time I went there.

Then I went to Langkawi with my sisters for a holiday. Oh gosh, I took home a bottle of lotion (coz I use lotion as base to shave my legs wtf hahah), the conditioner, body shampoo, soap bar and err.. shower cap.

Most of the time when I take them home, I told myself that I want the bottle to store my own stuff for travelling, such as moisturiser, toner and facial cleanser. But then most of the time I travel to some place, I will forget all about those stuff and instead use the soap provided by the hotel to wash my face. Icky, I know. But I like that my face is dry from the soap coz I have exceptionally oily face.

Then the worst came when I went to Singapore recently and I took home... a toothbrush and a soap bar. If not because my roommate was around, I would have taken the shaving kit too. =____=

The toothbrush is because it's super duper soft and I plan to use it to scrub my face!!! (watch michelle phan's videos, will you?) and the soap bar is too awesome to miss!! I almost took home the shower cap is my roommate did not use it the night before.

B-b-but no one can beat my mom coz when she went to China with poppa and sis, she took home a whole bag of toothbrush, shower cap and i dunno what. Whole friggin plastic bag, coz they went for 6 days and changed hotels through out. So now my house has like, toothbrushes from around China. HAAHAHHAHA!!!

Sometimes, I tell myself that it's for sentimental value, but most of the time I don't even care of the junks I took home! I'm heading to Hadyai next month and seriously, one thing I look forward the whole time right now, is the 'collectibles' from the hotel. WTF HAHAHHAHA

I think one of the main reasons I take home these things are just simply because I am extremely kedekut (thrifty) and I love freebies. I never liked freebies until I started working. You never know what kind of freebies I get from goody bags. Once I got an mp3 player, but that wasn't my prized gift. The one I love most is the travel adapter/electrical outlets converter I got from Astro, that has up to 8 different sockets including a USB one!!! I can literally charge my mp3 player without a friggin computer/laptop!!

I'm always happy to see a lotion bottle in my hotel room coz i love lotion! Not that I like to put them on my body, but as I mentioned, I used lotion as the base to shave my legs. I know lotion has all the chemicals and all and you shouldn't put them in your hair pores, but seriously, I never encounter any problems with it so far. To me, it's just like Nair or some other shaving cream.

Besides, I love how my legs are so smooth and nice to touch after I shaved them with lotion!! I layered the lotion on my legs, shave it, then use tissue to pick up the hair and leftover lotion, then apply another layer of lotion on it overnight and voila, your legs will be shiny as hell the ocean next morning. Try it out. Gotta love it after.

Well. sometimes I think it's good to be thrifty. I mean, they already provide you with those stuff, but you can't use it right there and then, then why not take it home and use it? This way, you can save a lot and not spend money on expensive stuff we can get out there. Recession lah! We need to find ways to stop spending. Although, they say we should spend more, but hey, you don't have the cash, you use the credit card and in the end you owe a whole bunch of money. What for? Just be thrifty and happy yourself. Fuck the world. We don't need to help those corporate rich fucktards. They can help themselves fine, but who's gonna look out for us?

Anyways... What is the most ridiculous thing you brought home from hotels and why did you think you need to take it home with you?! 8D

Okie dokes, time to do some work!!!! ;D talk to you guys later!


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