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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

[ ..shiro on the loose.. ]

I admit it. Naming my cat Shiro because he was white (was, not 'is' coz he's partly beige now) is a little unimaginative. But I have a tendency of naming things by how it looks or what its color.

I have a little teddy bear given to me by my cousin few years back named Orange coz it's orange. I miss Orange. I wanna bring him here! T___T I also have another puppy plush also given by my cousin, named Baby coz I was reluctant to name him 'Yellow'. It's so soft and nice to hug that I named it baby. But it doesn't mean I like real life baby. I hate babies, kids and children. They are all the same but there are all kind of them and they are all spoilt and annoying and their purpose in life is to make shit for adults to clean.

But naming Shiro, 'Shiro', is because of Shiro in Crayon Shin Chan. Shin-chan has a white cotton candy-looking dog/puppy named Shiro or what we known in Malay - Si Putih. When I first met Shiro-kyun he was fully white with pink ears, nose and paws. Uber cute.

As he grew up, spots and stripes started to appear on his body in beige. It became even more obvious after I changed his kibbles to a more expensive brand. No he looks like a mini tiger crossed-breed with a leopard. He's still as cute as ever. And I realised recently he got even more clingy to me than ever.

He is exceptionally clever. For some reason, it seems like he knows I'm the one who pays for his stuff and mommi is the one who feeds him day and night. Last night, I was lying on bed with him trying to overcome my insomnia. He was already fast asleep on my arm. Mommi was in the living room watching the television.

Then as if he can smell my mom from far and heard her footsteps, suddenly he was bright awake, looking at me and looked out of the door. He stood up and yawn, stretched his body. Then he jumped down from my bed.

I thought, what the hell, come back here to sleep, fat boy! Then here comes mom standing in front of the door and asked me tonight give him eat the tuna or the tuna+white fish wet food packet. I said, anything la. and proceed to call Shiro to come back to me!! I need him to fall asleep dammit!

But the stupid cat just followed my mom doing her thing. Before she went to take his food, she walked to the toilet and the cat sat there in front of the toilet door waiting for her. Then she walked to the living room to clean up some stuff, he followed happily. Then she walked to the shoe racks to clean up the place, he followed her there, with an occasional meows and purrs.

Then mom went to the kitchen cabinet and took our his food, he licked and brush his face against my mom's feet, as if saying thank you. I tell you, the cat knows how the packet looks like! Whenever he sees the purple and gold packaging of the wet food, he licked his face, mouth and paws, as if getting ready to eat!

Then He proceed to follow mom back into our room and mom asked me to hold him coz she needs to mix his kibbles with the tuna. Shiro-kyun kicked and push my arms violently, trying to run away from me. Dammit, sometimes I think his food are more important than me.

He even bit my finger coz he can't wait to get to his food! ArgH! Then mom said Okay~ and I let him go. The fat boy just jump-kicked my stomach and fly to his food. =____=;; Painful kick okay!

Then I malas want to layan him already and go back to lying on my bed trying to fall asleeep. I really do hate insomnia T_T. Then when the fat boy finished his food, he jumped back to my bed and slowly climbed to my arms, licked my arm, and find a comfortable place, then sleep. =__=;;

OMGosh, I tell you.. I really want to be a pet cat my next life.

People around me sure heard of me saying how Shiro-kyun is so clingy that he wouldn't eat his food when I am not at home. Yes, imagine the same cat who jump-kicked me hard on my stomach and chest, actually wouldn't eat anything when I am not at home. He wouldn't even come out of the room. He will stay in the room sleep and look at the windows and doors. He wouldn't even talk meow to anyone whenever my sis or mom talk play with him.

Then when I arrive home after work or after a few days staying over at cousin's house, he would meows and meows and meows and wouldn't stop circling my legs and wails for me to pick him up, hug and kiss him. And when I do, he will be so pleased that he wouldn't even make a noise, just keep kneading and purring happily.

Sometimes I wonder if I deserve this amount of love from him. But then I can now always look at my painful scars to tell myself that, OH HELL YES I DO.

Last month, one night in the 7th month (Hungry Ghost Festival), the cat suddenly attacked me at approximately 5am. He slept with me as usual, on my right arm. And SUDDENLY he inserted all four of his fangs into my upper arm and proceed to kicked my lower arm violently. Look at the damage he done.
Injury on the fourth day. It swells up and turn blue black like this. It hurts so bad. The two fang holes on the right is dragged out coz he was about to tear my flesh off if I didn't wake up in time. I pushed him away and he jumped off back to his bed.

My arm bled so badly and I didn't realised it until I couldn't stand the pain anymore and head out to the kitchen to put on bandage. To my horror my upper and lower arm were covered in blood that I couldn't even put any plasters on it. And it didn't stop bleeding until the morning. It was horrifying.

There are some on the other side of the arm too, I couldn't take a photo of that.

It was healing but still very painful because of the blue black.

See the holes? It looks like a mini volcano. It's all healed up now but left scars. Therefore, I would say that OH HELL YES I DO DESERVE HIS LOVE DAMMIT!

Me and Shiro-kyun in happier days wtf hahaha. He likes to sit like that on my lap.
I know he doesn't look too happy in this pic, but I swear, he was purring like mad. Purring = satisfied/happy. Cat's are just expressionless like that. Heh.

I wanted to take a photo of him 'wearing my frames..

Then he did this. I bet he has this face when he bit my arm. =___=;;

"Stupid frame dunch kacau mah sleep!"

NOM NOM NOM! Btw, look at his hands! heheheh! Looks like how human hands hold things!


"Huh.. not nice to play one.."

"Imma sleep..."

"Hmmm... can mamaster stop taking picture of meh?"

"Can't... hold... any.. zzzz...."

Somebody say: "AWWWW~♥"

I tell you, the cat can hear the slightest noise! See how his eyes are partly opened? My brother was playing his guitar next room.

"Stupid mamaster's brother... i needz tp zleeeeeepzzzzZzzz..."


Then mommi came into the room and talked to me. And he looked like this. Curiosity kills the cat. hahaha

Look at his stripes!

Super love this pic!

Slowly... falling....

...Asleep. Good night Shiro-kyun! ♥'s

See why I love him so much? Why I declare him as the love of my life? Because he is adorable, cute, lovely and most of all, faithful. Although I suffered domestic violence/abuse under him, but HAHAHAAH i still love him so. T____T I dunno how to live without him.

I dunno how to fall asleep without him sleeping on my arm. Sobs. I really dunno. Please cat, let me die before he does because I am selfish like that and I know he will be alright with my mom or with my sis. They love him very much too.

Let me end the post with a happy photo of me and Shiro-kyun. I think he was probably just annoyed by me in the pic hahahaah.

Hahahaa.. he does looked pissed. Sorry, Shiro!

Okie dokes then, I shall head home now and see my cutey cat. Good night folks. ^^


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