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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

[ ..insomniac strikes back.. ]

I HATE to be insomnia. Hate it hate it hate it. Seriously there is nothing worse than lying there in from 1am to 5am, TRYING your best to sleep, and you CANNOT sleep because your brain is happily messing up your mind! Sooner or later I will be insomaniac. Then somaniac. then maniac.

My golly cat!!!! WHYY can't I sleep!!! I need to go to work in the morning for cat's sake!!! To think of it my insomnia started just last week. Thursday night. This was what I was doing on last Thursday night, at 12.30am.

Ohai, cat. I bought this sweater from Latidots Vintage Vibes for RM18. Shiro-kyun was resting on top of my black with white stripes cardigan, also bought from LatidotsVV for RM30. It's a man's cardi and I'd been finding for one for too damn long.

I love the stars and the combination of white and black and gold and electric shock blue. I hate blue. But for unknown reasons, I'm digging blue lately. But it looks horrid on me. With the gold buttons and all (took them off in this pic already) and the horizontal stripes makes me look even fatter than before.

Therefore... I've decided to make it into a cardigan... This is my first hand-sewn alteration project. No sewing machine can die T___T

First thing I did was to look see look see every seams in the vertical blue stripe in the middle. To my surprise, it was just a piece of cloth sewn on it to make it looks like a cardigan. So it's kind of a cardigan-looking sweater. wtf.

So, slowly, I cut it off. If you look properly, my cat is not even paying attention to my shites anymore. Before that he was busy chasing the thread I was using to stitch up some buttons on my black cardi.

The Collar is a bit of a problem. In order to remove the blur stripe, I need to cut it like this (above). The prob is that it is not in the middle at all. =___= I planned to just ignore it..

And chop off the quirky sweater. btw I LOVE MY TABLE LAMP

And there it goes. At this point I thought, shites, I had wasted Rm18 bucks. I don't think I can ever wear this coz i RUINED it!! gahhh! *Note, cat is still in same position.

Then I proceed to cut a thinner stripe from the blur stripe for.. err i dunno how to explain.. but it wasn't any good anyway. so..

Sorry, no hands to take photo when I was sewing!!! *cat went back to his bed to sleep*

I haven't finish yet, I still need to secure the knitting on the right (photo right, my left) of the sweater-turned-cardi. It looks like shit I know, but it was HAND-SEWN! gimme a break /sobs.

Anyhoo, this should be how it looks like when I wear it out. Pardon the tee and pants. That's my sleeping attire. Looks nice right??!!! Sure got a lot people look at you like you just came out of the jungle or something!!! 8D

And then... it was time to cam whore. At this point, it was 2.30am. Yesh, I took that long to sew. You TRY sew see!!!

I mean, you should have known that this post will somehow turn into a cam-whore post right? 8D Sorry for poisoning your eyes, I will have the collapse button soon. In progress of making a new layout!! XD Thanks mich!!!!!

Cat came kacau a bit. He likes to give me a kiss before he goes to sleep.

In Japan, they call this lips shape - duck lips. And it's in trend now. And this is the only way I can look thinner hahahahhaha /sad.

Got new frames and new cardi! woohoo!

Low angle is always the hardest to catch. makes you look so fat sumore.

The cardi looks awesome.

Shiro-kyun scolded me for being a cam-whoring insomniac. He becomes fatter again lately. I think he is on a yoyo diet or something.

Being Emo. Started to feel sleepy at this point. but still continue cam-whoring.

My table lamp is for meh to do handiwork, pick the black heads on my nose, make up, and also cam-whoring. I read on my bed. wtf.

I love my table lamp and my Ikea double mirror!!! T___T

Random photo took last night. My hair so long already... I want it to grow longer!

So, in conclusion is that I am back to being an insomniac after such a long time. I've no idea whyyyy! I need to get back on track. On time!!! I can't stay awake like this!!! Last night was an improvement, I slept at 4am. wtf!

And it's not healthy either!! my skin so dry lately!! T__T Sooner or later my wrinkles will pop out!!! /sobs and I'm just 21 (i know lah i know lah, I look like i'm in my late 30s already). Tomorrow I will post about what I do the others nights okie?

Now, let me end this post by waving you goodbye~

Good day all! Have a wondrous HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI!


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