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Sunday, 26 September 2010

[ ..dear cat.. ]

Dear Cat,

I am so bored to the point that I don't think I want to wake up from my sleep anymore because my sleep and dreams are definitely more interesting than my pathetic laif. /shot

I can't believe how much time has passed. School days are over. Friendships are over. But thank goodness, you are still here with me.

People say, if you do not have a god or religion, then you will turn into a huge pile of turd. Well, I'm not quite a huge pile of turd, am i? :(

Although I shall admit that I am a classified emo, but being emo has nothing to do with I do not have a place to believe in or 'someone' to trust in.

I never believe that there is a god here who did all the plannings of your life.

That's not what he did? Then why does everyone tells tried to lecture me that "God has plans for you!" or "This happens because it is one of his plannings!"

Sorry, but I would rather be a huge pile of turd than to forgo logic and believe in 'GOD has plans for you~" .

To me, that sounds kinda stupid.

It's okay, if you believe in god, but, you really believe that she laid some plans for you right at the moment you were born? That's funny. There are over 6 billion people on earth and you think he cares for you? What a joke.

I had a conversation with Haze yesterday, as well as a random PR who suddenly asked me what do i think about religion.

I told her that, yea it's good for people to find a platform, foundation to believe in, but most of the time, they think they are immortal and become obsessed with religion.

Obsessed in religion is just the same as getting addicted to drugs. I'm serious. Once you got addicted, you will want to share your obsession with everyone, turning yourself into a religion freak and everyone will start to avoid the hell of you later on.

bUt hey, who am i to say? Everyone is avoiding the hell out of me although I don't go around telling people how buddha changed my life, or how krishna is fawesome or how jesus is my superstar.

I've come to the understanding that people avoids me simply because I have no religion of any sorts. And you have to be in their 'clubs' if you want them to be your friends! ;D

Listen to George Carlin! Religion is created back in those days, by some control freaks to control other people! It is used to control other human beings!

Ten commandments? Ten bullshit rules! They are made by human beings, revised by human beings and spread around by human beings!

Ever wondered why every time 'some one' claimed that god spoken to them, they are in some secluded places i.e: caves, jungles, bedrooms. and they are always ALONE?

*crickets sound...*

"HEY EVERYBODY, GOD SPOKE TO ME! I was all alone in the jungle, taking a morning walk, when a light shone on me and I saw god's face in the fawesome light, and he told me that I SHOULD START MY OWN RELIGION! HE GAVE ME THE RIGHTS!"


I wonder why nobody back in those time says "Hmm.. Mr. Cocksucker, why don't you put yourself in an insane asylum and spread your OWN religion there? Let me think a name for your religion. IT can be called 'Cocksuckerism'!!!"

Man... I am still young and I don't intend to put myself into religions because it will only ruin my already complicated mind.

Maybe later in life I might convert myself into something. Just for the fun of it. But I already know which 'god' i want to believe in.

George Carlin and the Sun*.

"I am better than your 'god'"

"Ask your 'god' to come near me!"

First of all, Carlin is awesome. He makes so much more sense to me than 'god'. It sucks that he already passed. But ya'know, if afterlife is true, then he might really be a god himself! I shall pray to Carlin every night after I turn 30!

The mighty Sun. Why? as Carlin said, we can see it! It's not an apparition or an invisible man! The sun give me light, warmness and it even helps us grow vegetables! Invisible man does no such thing!

Besides, how stupid can you people be? Believe in something that has no prove of existence and has supernatural powers? Then you might as well believe in Superman or Hollow man! Well, the latter is really invisible, although he is evil. But who says that the 'original invisible man' is not evil? He might be a raper or sadistic killer. You won't know coz it happened 2000 years ago! Were you there 2k years ago? If you are not, then don't denounce my beliefs HAHHAHHHAA.

"I is god! I cans walks in water woohoo!"

It's good that you have religions. You are all definitely better human beings than me. But hey, each to its own opinions. You go get your religions and don't you dare walk around me trying to tell me how fucking awesome is your god!

To me, your god is an apparition of lies.



*the real SUN not thesun, sun.

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