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Thursday, 19 August 2010

[ ..weird behaviours.. ]

There is a couple who had been married for three years. Wife is hitting 30 soon while husband is a year younger.

Wife recently lost her job. Husband still alright. But ever since wife lost her job she has become the weirdest person ever.

Wife is UK size 12. But she will never admit that she is a plus size. Wife recently lost quite a few pounds. Wife is happy. Wife goes around showing off to all her friends by inviting them for a swim. Her friends are envious, but seriously, Wife is still a size 12.

Wife's ego doesn't stop only among friends. She comes home and couldn't stop telling other people in the family that she is wearing size S now. Yet, she is still a Size 12.

Wife's ego not only in the size of her body. But also in some other ways. For instance, cooking. Wife is the most horrible cook in the world. Yet, she is kinda good in stealing from recipe books. However, because Wife is a fucking egoistical person, Wife took every single photo of her 'cooking' and post it online under a folder "Wife's Recipe". Wife is a size 12.

This is somehow wrong because first of all, Wife did not CREATE these recipes. But merely copied them. Therefore, the usage of 'Wife's' is WRONG. Because Wife did not create them. Wife is a size 12.

Wife also became even more annoying about her apaprently smaller size. She is still a size 12. She called her sister, whom is a size 6-8, one day and asked her if Wife could borrow her dress, which is bought by sister when she was at her prime size, Size 6. Wife is a size 12.

Wife is so delusional that she thinks her SIZE 12 body can fit into a SIZE 6 dress. Wife is a size 12.

It doesn't stop there. Husband is also another annoying and irritating human being who has a taste bud own by a stray dog who thinks that the food on the floor is the best food in the world. Wife is a size 12.

Husband ran around telling others how nice his Wife cooks and his Wife's cooking is the best in the world. Husband is as ego and delusional as Wife, keeps bragging of the cooking around. Wife is a size 12.

While Wife is trying to be all 'fit' and 'healthy' by swimming and later might take on belly dancing, Husband was parading around with his big belly. Besides, he also wants to gain more weight, with his target weight, from 79kg to 80kg. Wife is a size 12.

Besides that, Wife is also so fucking free keeps updating her status on Facebook, wanting everyone to know that she is living a great life. Wife is a size 12.

If this goes on, Wife and Husband will become the most egoistical and delusional couple in the world who thinks that they are the best human being in the world. Wife will become more inhumane towards other human while husband might get food poisoning one day from the horrid food Wife cooks. Wife is a size 12.

All in all, Husband and Wife has such weird behaviours that nobody can ever explain. We can only hope that they can stay away from us and live in their own little happy world.

Good bye.



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