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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

[ ..five days.. ]

August 17 is coming. August 17 means a lot to me. It's gonna be a full year. A full year of fruitful learning. A full year of experiences. A full year of trials and tribulation. A full year of meeting interesting people. A full year of gaining different acquaintances. A full year of growing up.

In this one year, which passed by so quickly that I personally did not realised at all, I both gain and lost so much. In this one year, I felt as if I had grown three years older but not exactly the wiser.

In this one year, I have experiences that not every 20 - 21 year-old had. For that, I am glad and satisfied. I hope I learned how to give and take. I hope everything will be well and smooth in the future.

I hope I will learn more in the second year. I hope I can stay longer. I hope I can perform better. I hope I can contribute to these people whom I owe so much for giving me a new life. Most of all, I hope I didn't let them down or disappoint them.

I will tell you the long story on the Aug 17. But as of now, I can always remind myself that I stepped into the professional world when I was 20 years, two months and eight days old. Not as early as some who did the same when they were 16 or 17, but it's way too early for my own expectation. However, I am extremely glad that things happen as it did.

For what its worth, I am happy with the life I am leading right now and I hope that this is not some momentarily happiness in my life. I hope it lasts forever and life can get better.


One year.. that's a lot of mocha to get through.

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