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Friday, 16 July 2010

[ ..you are the one with severe head trauma.. ]


There is this person right here that make a big fuss out of nothing. All. The. Time. Drama, I know. I had enough drama in my life, stop adding some more.

Every time I do something she will be lecturing me like she is my mother. She wants people to accept her advices. She wants people to learn from her. She wants people to be like her.

The truth is, although sometimes she is nice, but most of the time, I cannot stand her drama. She thinks that she is the role model for the whole world. She thinks everyone is not normal except for her. She thinks everyone has an attitude problem, except from her.

For instance, B came to us today and asked if anyone of us want to read this book about a selfish mother who lock up her children in the house. Mmm.. sweet story. I love it. I love psycho stories like that. So I took the book from him. Then as he walks away....

"Why did you take the book from him? You think he would just lend you a book without any motives?"

I looked like this O__O

"Didn't you ever talked to him?"

Erm.. rarely?

"Didn't you know how self-pity he can be? Didn't you know he is implying that he is the child in the book? Didn't you know that he often tell everyone that his mother doesn't love him?!"

Ermm... No???

"You see lah, later he will come back and ask you how the book is and does he seem like the child in the book. He sure will come back to interrogate you!!"

Oh... kayyyy.....

Seriously.... she spoke as if I made the biggest mistake of my life and I am heading to hell right now.

The way I see it is that, someone offered to lend me a book that I might like. I want to read it coz it sounds interesting. And after I finish it, he will ask me about the book. And I will tell him what I think. And the 'interrogation' she said, is just a plain changes of opinion of two person who read the same book.

That's how I see it. But she has to make it sound like it's the end of the world. Wow.

I had enough drama, man. Leave me alone you crazy lady. It's not possible for me to absorb all these nonsense. I know she is giving me precautions but sometimes, you need to do things your own way to find out how things really work.

If every single step is cautioned then there will be no surprises in the world anymore. I wouldn't know what to avoid what to learn.

Just because it happens to you or someone else YOU know, doesn't mean that the same thing will happen to me. Let me do my things my own way. Let me learn, let me make mistakes. Let me be free.

Now excuse me while I have something to do right now. If you don't see me around tomorrow or any days later, I might be kidnapped by B for some interrogation. Or murdered by him coz I don't agree that he is the child in the book.

Good day all, and I shall start reading the book tonight. If my self-will is that strong to stay away from the evil internet.


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