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Monday, 19 July 2010

[ ..waiting.. ]

There is something about courtesy that I would really love to shout out to everyone, just anyone. Not specifically to someone, but seriously, everyone.

IF you think that by making one person wait for you means that you are some how more superior or special than that waiting person, please, fuck off.

It's courtesy because when some one offer you a lift, you ought to be sitting at wherever you are, finish what you need to finish and just fucking sit there and wait for the person to come.

No, nobody likes to sit in the car and wait for you, especially if that road is infested with cars and stupid people who wouldn't stop molesting their car honks.

When the some one who offer you to fetch you, call you 10 minutes before hand that they are reaching, told you to get ready, JUST fucking go do what he/she says.

It's weird how some people never thought of other people's situation. I have zero patience, I hate waiting for people. I hate it i hate it i hate it. Just put your fcuking mind in my shoes, you might understand.

Hey, you don't appear cooler or superstar-ish just by walking out late when ppl already arrived for 10-15 minutes waiting in the car for you. It just shows that you are an arrogant asshole who doesn't consider how others feel.

Personally I never made anyone wait for me when they fetch me. I finish whatever i need to do very quickly and sit there and wait because i hate when im rushing i will forget to get something (watch, cellphone or wallet).

It's just the matter of courtesy and self-discipline. Hey, if a foul-mouth bitch here can have the courtesy and self-discipline, so can cats and dogs.

Just stop making people wait for you if you ain't a superstar. Thanks.


p.s.: i just really hate some people who thinks that they are more superior than the other just because. it's sickening. and dehumanising. i ain't a fucking horse.

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