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Saturday, 10 July 2010

[ ..please do.. ]

Hopefully, without any glitch and problemo, this will be my first nendoroid. Look, it can fly. How can you not want it?

Not nendo crazed yet, but just wanna get it to make myself happy. Too many craps going on lately. What's better than a cutesy thing to make you smile.

Besides, I still haven't got anything for myself as 21st birthday yet. So, this might be it.

Hopefully I can really get it because it is the coolest nendoroid evarrr. hahaha. Sigh, please let me get it... I really wanna adopt it and lug it around to take photos.

Alrighty, not much of an update. Nothing interesting going on lately. Tired and just want to fall asleep. Or do nothing significant.

Although, I have one rant to put off here. I feel like I am some kind of substitute or buoy for some people. Maybe I am too nice to them. but, how can I not be nice to them? I mean, I have been treating people really bad, I really want a change.

The thing is, it's nice to be good to others. Be kind and make them happy, and you can be happy yourself too. But sometimes, when things got worse and they start to take advantages of you, how will you feel? Will you still feel happy when people clearly take advantages of you?

Tell me, what will you do when you treated someone real good, then they don't really care about you and yet, take advantages of you when they need help. What will you do? Continue to help, brush it off or simply say no?

The consequences:

You continue to help- You will forever be their minions, doing things for them without them appreaciating your help. And you seriously mean nothing to them, coz you are forgettable as usual.

Brush it off- Offended them. They will not care about you. Not like they did. Might lose this friend.

Simply say No- You have less a friend. Which is quite good to throw away a troublesome friend, but if you have only 5 friends in your life, will you do that?

You see... You cannot choose. In life, you have to sacrifice what is best for you in order to stay in the society.

But let me ask you, when you sacrifice for one too many times, will you still continue to do it?

I am so tired of everything. I just need some rest I guess. Sometimes I think that I am a chauffeur more than ever. I love driving but, everything has its limit. I am not a robot. I can get tired too.

You can try driving to and fro kl to pj to kl then back to pj and at last back to kl. One day I can drive for more than 50km. By the end of the day, I just wanna go home and take a rest.

Or go to somewhere near to grab a drink with Michii.

Sigh. This is tiring. I wanna sleep now. Goodnight.


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