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Thursday, 1 July 2010

[ ..accidents.. ]

I had a horrrible scary dream last night. I was sitting up right on my bed abruptly at approximately 5.20am with sweat rolling down my forehead. And usually, around that time the air is cold and my room is freezing me up.

I cannot gather much of the dream, all I remember is the gruesome parts.

There is a couple standing on a cliff for don't know whatever reason. Maybe they are picnicking there, I dunno. Then suddenly they heard a large moving lorry crashed into a parking car on the highway below the cliff. (I have no idea how can a cliff is situated above a friggin highway, but wtf, it's a friggin stupid dream, alright?!

Then the lady got so kepoh (nosy) and reach nearer to the cliff end to take a look of the accident. The highway is very empty, therefore it's all so quiet around that area and the only thing on the road is only the lorry and the small car.

The lady became very worried because nobody is around except for them. Then she rushed back to her husband/bf, and told him about the accident and they should help them.

The not-so-gentleman reluctant to do so. Because they have to climb all the way through the other side of the cliff and walk about 1 or 2 km to the highway and cannot even be sure if they can pass through the fence that separated the highway with the dessert. (Oh yea, this is like the Grand Canyon or something).

Then the lady is not very happy of his stupid thinking and gave him an idea that they used some cloth (i dunno where the cloths come from), tie them all up and make a rope and one of them climb down to the accident scene to help.

The man agreed. But he said that he would be too heavy to climb down and the cloth might rip apart, making him fall on to the hard ground, therefore he recommended the lady to climb down instead.

The iron lady agreed. She just wanted to help the people in the lorry and small car. Lord knows how many people are there waiting for her help.

Then slowly she climb down. The cliff is really really high and she managed to reach half way before the man says that they are running out of cloth soon but it should be enough for her to tiptoe the ground a little.

The lady suddenly realised that they can never reach out side of the highway. The fence is about 10 feet high and there is no way she can climb over. She told the man to slowly swing the rope cloth inside out so that she can jump over the fence and get onto the highway.

The man said ok and slowly starts to swing the rope. As she almost reach the highway, she suddenly heard ripping sound. She yelled at the man "Stop! Stop swinging! I think the cloth is ripping apart!"

Unfortunately she was already so far down that the man couldn't decipher what she said and he continued to swing.

Then suddenly, a very quick second the cloth ripped apart and the lady fell downwards in a swift as she screamed and she landed horizontally on the fence and the very sharp fence ripped her abdomen apart of the impact.

The only thing the man can see, looking down from the cliff is the two separated pieces of his loved one, blood and her intestinal organs everywhere.

The man's tear rolled down his cheek. Looking at his dead wife/gf and the accident scene with some sound of injured people in the vehicles, he decided to climb down the cliff by himself and not let the effort and death of his loved one wasted.

HE threw away the stupid cloth and slowly climb down. As he is climbing down he makes plans in his mind, on how to climb over the fence to get to the people and what to do next.

He slowly climb and climb down the vertical slopes and suddenly he missed a step and started to slide down immensely.

His hands were holding on everything he could and in the process scraping the skin of his palms. His feet were trying to hold up to every rock and stone so that he could stop the sliding and suddenly his right feet manage to land on a huge rock which appeared out of no where, and he maintain his position on the slope, except, the impact of him using his only right feet strength to stop his whole body from moving led to huge loud of crack heard when his right feet landed on the huge rock and he screamed.

He realised that his right ankle is broken. While his palms are ruined with bloodied open wounds.

He yelped and cried in pain. But he looked down again at the lady's severed body. He knew that he must make it no matter what!

Then using his elbows instead of hands, he composed himself into the right position again and slowly climb down.

But ultimately about 40feet more from the ground, his right feet cannot take it anymore and his elbows are also injured, he knew that he had to give up.

"At least, if I die now I can see my love one in heaven."

Then he let go of the cliff and fell down to the hard ground. He fell too near to the fence and his arm was severed off by the fence too, leaving him in pain and suffer.

As he dropped down on the ground, he thought he would die in an instant but unfortunately, he is till alive from a severed arm, and broken legs.

He cried as he look at the severed body of the woman he loves beside him. He said sorry for everything.

Then he laid down there and wait for the time to come as he will die in vain. The lorry suddenly caught on fire and he could hear the scream of the burning people who were trapped inside. And also the sound of a baby crying in the small car.

He saw his wife/gf die in the worse manner ever. He heard two person burnt to death in a car and a baby cry and die in starvation for 2 days. But he is still not dead yet. After a few days from the unfortunate day, someone finally discovered the accident scene and the ambulance came to rescue them, except that everyone is dead and the only one who survived this is the man with a severed arm, broken legs and wounded palm and elbow.

The man couldn't talk as he did not consume any water for days. The polices could never found out how this couple ended up on the ground on the accident scene. Then as they leave him alone in the hospital room, he killed himself by stabbing a large needle into the vein on his neck multiple times. He died couldn't understand why he had to gone through all the pain he did.

Not only that he couldn't live with the fact that his wife/gf is dead, also he couldn't live by one day without hearing the scream of the burning people and the baby for the rest of his life.

This is super long. And very detailed. I woke up when he stabbed his neck multiple times and blood starts spurting out like a water hose.

Friggin traumatic. I watch this all from a far ok. Like a movie. Got zoom in and out some more. I don't want to see how the severed body looks like oso kena paksa to see.

I didn't have these kind of dreams for so damn long already.

I woke up so abruptly that my cat who was sleeping beside me looked and and "Miao??" at me. =__= He damn curious loh. Coz I was panting leh!

Anyways, the dream so tension until today I feel a little squeamish.


Okayla, sorry for spoiling your mood by reading whatever shit I just wrote. I wonder what the dream means for me in real life. Hmm...


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