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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

[ ..worldly weight.. ]

Cannot believe that it is June already!!!

It was just like last month I went to Comic Fiesta! It was just like last month I watched Sherlock Holmes THRICE! It was just like last month I started buying awesome clothes from VP! It was just like last month I got my Noribi.

Oh, I did.

By the way, don't you agree that time passed too fast? But you know what? I am enjoying it! Very much! BEcause it will be too dull to wait for time to pass slowly!!! It's better fast than slow, I'd say!

I remember the time when I was sadly unemployed for three months. Omgosh, time is difficult back then. I won't step out of the house. I sleep at 7am, wake up at 7pm then skipped all my meals (losing 9 kg in the way) and play Rebirth RO all day long!!!!

Now, I don't even have to time to play RRO anymore sobs!!! I hardly find the time to go out with friends because I would be too tired by night or the traffic will be a pain in the arse.

By the way, there is just another six months to Comic Fiesta!!! I think I'm gonna borrow my cousin's Belarus dress for cosplay. But sad lah, this Belarus so fat and short one!!! I actually didn't post about my CF'09 adventures. Maybe I will take all the pics and post them here tomorrow? ^^

OMGosh.. I really need to keep fit already! Cannot stand being a UK12-14!!!! I used to be UK 6-8 when I was 16.

T__________T I want go die. What happened, suwa!!! WHAT HAPPENED!!!!

But seriously, that time I don't feel healthy at all. Coz my daily meals consists of two spoons of rice (4spoons max), soy sauce, hot water, two strips of vegetable and one spoon of meat/fish.

I was 54kg in the beginning, in a month I became 46 kg. That's not right!!! There was also another time when I was 13, I lose 7 kg in a week. I seriously dunno how did I do that.

But my weight have been yoyo-ing since I was a teen (I'm still a teen now right? RIGHT!! T__T).

13 years old = Slightly plump. Around56kg
14 years old = Can consider slim. Around 54kg
15 years old = Plump. Around 58kg
16 years old = Anorexic. HAHAH NOLAH! Super skinny 46kg
17 years old = Plump. Around 58kg
18 years old = Super Plump. Around 64kg
19 years old = SUPER DUPER OBESE. T_T 69kg
20 years old = Still Obese. 60kg


I want to get back at least 54 kg!!!! T___T WHY can't I stop eating!! I might need some exercise. BUT I AM TOO LAZY!!! SOBS. excuses.

I should have keep fit 6 months ago so I would look pretty in time for my 21st birthday. It's too late now i think. T____T

Girls, don't be like me yoyo-dieting. Not healthy at all. Your metabolism will die. That's is why it's so difficult for me to get back to my ideal weight. SIGH.

Okaylah, that's all for today. Oh oh, I am going to MELAKA this saturday!!! I dun really wanna go to the water park, but my sisters insist. I can't swim lah dammit!!!!

I just want to eat chicken rice balls and satay celup!!!! ..... =____=;;...... makan lagi? Habish lah suwa!!! Habis lah you!!!!

Hahaha, neways, I will be bringing my film cameras there!!! ^^ Will post it up here after I develop them alright? XD

Good evening all!! Muacks to you! ♥


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