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Sunday, 20 June 2010

[ ..Rm1.70.. ]

Current record in overspending. In less than a month, whatever money I have in my account now only left this.

This is my current awesome record in overspending. I have RM2 in my wallet now. And there is still 6 days to go before June 26. I cannot even afford toll and parking to assignments.

Yea, I can stop eating for 6 days. Great coz I need to lose the weight anyways. But my main problem is only what I mentioned above. Toll and parking.

I can stop shopping for sure. But Toll and Parking is necessary too. VERY important, in fact. Man, just because it's my birthday month doesn't mean that I can overspend like this???

OH, I remember, Chloe owes me about RM18. And mommi owes me RM50. So I actually for RM68. Well, enough for a week, I guess. But will they pay me back? Oh well, it's gonna be a mystery for sure.

Oh, reminds me that Judy also owes me RM38. No wonder I fucking poor lah. Actually I didn't overspent one loh!!!! FML.

Fuhh fuhh... sabar je ChanSuwa.... Just withdraw RM50 from savings and save your ass.Put them back in once June 16 arrived. It shouldn't be that hard. Really. Sacrificeeeee.

Dammit... I really need to monitor my spending already. Write down every purchase I made. Fuck man.... Ish™.

Alright alright. Stop thinking about it and start doing what I should do. Tomorrow should be alrighty.

Btw, thanks Hazell for accompanying me out today. =D

Good night all. Please don't overspend like me. It can be hell. =__=;; Monitor finances, Suwa. Monitor your own spending!!!

suwa in poverty.

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