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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

[ ..gin gin gin.. ]

Gin gin gin gin gin~ GintaMAN!!!!

=____=;; I wish the stupid Gintaman song will disappear from my head. Everytime I watch that episode of Gintama (episode 100), the song will get stuck in my head for at least a month.

I already finished watching Gintama up till episode 201. Gintama has about ten thousand characters. Hahaha okay, no. But it's quite a lot.

I still haven't watch episode 1 to 64. T___T Malas go CrunchyRoll load.

Maybe one day lah, when I am damn free.

Gintama is a satirical manga/anime that will guarantee you laugh till you drop. They make fun of their own otaku culture, parody other animes even some movies! Gintama is real fun fun fun! Btw, Gintama meant Silver soul, but if you read it Kintama it means golden.. erm balls.

Sakata Gintoki. Main character of Gintama. Lovable lovable Gin-chan~♥

What main character do without a side kick eh? Shimura Shinpachi, the one with the most one-liners. The tsukomi!

When one is not enough you put in the second one. Kagura-chan. Super alien. ♥♥♥

Drool at the DVD cover please. Btw, Gin-chan has an obsession with sweet food! Parfait parfait parfait!

He also cosplay sometimes. Btw, Michii~~ i dunch have this episode one whyyy!! T__T

Their famous shocku faces.

I call it...

Gintama Constipated Shocku Face.

They also had a live action episode. HHAHAAHAHAAH Gin-chan look damn ghey!

Another of my favourite episodes. TAKA-TIN~

Fan pic! Hahahha look at Kagura!! That expression damn suit her!

Sadaharu!!! ♥♥

Wah I damn like this pic. ♥♥♥

OK. damn inappropriate, whoever draw this!! BUT I RIKE!!

I am very lazy to tell you what the story is about but seriously Gintama will make you laugh until you cry.

So, if you are feeling down one day and wanna cry, go watch yourselves some episodes of Gintama. Later I make a list of episodes to recommend you okay! XD

Out of topic but.. WHO AGREE WITH ME THAT THIS SHIRT IS SUPER AWESOME CUTE!! Okay, no la. Have to depend on the person who wear it right... Ayu-chan KAWAII!!!! She go cut her hair super short again. Sigh. I like her hair liddis! That specs awesome giler!!

Okay, wanna run run run already!!!! Good evening all!! Muacks ♥! I go home and continue re-watching Gintama!!!!


* pics all courtesy of google.com HAHA

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