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Thursday, 24 June 2010

[ ..floating in the ocean.. ]

I am struggling with PMS now. Aunt Flo didn't come find me for approximately 3 months. No, I am not pregnant per se.

Whole fucking body bloated like a balloon. Dunno what I ate for the past week that my stomach keeps growling non-stop. Cannot control my flatulence pulak. Damn. I hate stomach ache.

Oh, and sorry for not posting anything up. Meh, not like there is anybody reading me. Wuwu.

So friggin busy this week. But I decided to take a break from typing important stuff to type this not so important stuff.

I'm tireddddd. Dead tired. Been out almost every single day. Even on weekends. I just want to stay at home and lay down on my bed with Shiro-kyun and watch some movies.

That's my ideal rest days.

Damn, I forgot to bathe the fatty last Sunday. =__=;; No wonder he start to scratch his ears already. I tell you, he's like magic deodorant cat okay. Once I forgot to bathe him for consecutive 4 weeks (1 month), he still smell fine and dandy.

I read from Wiki that their saliva are natural deodorant. Awesome. I want natural deodorant saliva oso.

No lah, I think best works for human is natural deodorant perspiration. ^^ Best. You sweat like a pig and you will still smell fine.

But I think paling best have to be natural parfum perspiration. You literally sweat Channel No 5. Or Dior J'Adore.

Man, I am so lame. =__=

Btw, this is meh and meh birthday cake from June, 9.

It's official. My real name is gone. My name now is Suuwa.

My cous, Michii and meh! I is a midget.

Me and my two bestest friends! I known them since I was 9!!!!

Random: This is me and a chickadee at A'Famosa Safari Park. More pics on some other post some other day about my family trip to Malacca.

My brader.

My second sister.

Goddess of non-Mercy. =_=

Cam-whore pic to prove that this blog belongs to this ugly duck. Yes, my frames have no lens. I am wearing contact lens AND lens-less frames. Sometimes, I don't know what really makes sense in the world anymore.

You want to wear contact lens, so that you DON'T have to wear spectacles. But the world had evolved so much nowadays that people wear contact lens and still want to wear frames. Nothing makes sense or logic anymore, I think. @_@

Alrighty then, this is the end of this post. I have nothing more to say as I should be doing important stuff right now. Good day then. Have a nice Thursday!


You will consume them when they grow up. Good lord. Think the other way, they are lucky enough that they got a taste of life while some of their siblings are omelette now.

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