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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

[ ..envy green.. ]

I bought a green Geolens. The code is CM903, you can try it out if you want. I got only one photo of it. With smeared eyeliner no less. Haha. I was so excited that i tried it on asap. Then i took a pic.

And oily skin after a whole day out. The color is vivid even with no flash. I wore them out on weekends for fun. And some people just couldn't stop staring or making judgments about me. HAHAHA.

Neways, today's post is a random post. Got nothing interesting to blog lately. Gotten lazy too. So here I'm just going to post a few photos from my Supatenshi (my Ultra Wide and Slim by Superheadz 35mm film camera, if you don't know already).

Took these photos over the course of 3-4 months, coz photography mojo dieded down for a while. Now still remaining dead. Maybe one day I go to some place beautiful I will pick up my mojojojo again. hahaha

Fade In/Out.

Drop Off Zone.



I Labyu Grandpa!
(this is during cheng meng)

Sunshining bright above you~ (I tell you, very difficult for noob like me to get flare like this!!!! T__T It's considered a skill weh. and I'm just lucky!)

Sister forced me take her pics.

Can be a pic to sell the shirt hahaha. Btw, this pic right, I tipu her one. I told her I got take her face But actually I didn't. She damn tulan when she saw this pic hahahaha.

Red Shoes.

You have no idea how surprised I was to find a 7-Eleven at my hometown!!!!!!! I literally shouted "OMG, 7-11 IN P.ASSAM!!!!!" And my sister glared at me. =__=;;

Taking the highway. If you do not notice already, the chronological of my pictorial is up-side down one. Terbalik.

Heading back Taiping for Cheng Meng.

End this random post with my signature pic.

I dunno if I had posted the same thing before. I don't even bother to check. Just take this as a filler ok?

I used an expired film of Kodak Gold 100. Expired since 2007. That's why the film so blurry, grainy and full of noise. But that's what I love about lomography. And also why I changed from digital to film.

Personally, I think whatever film can catch, digital can never capture it. Besides, I love anticipating for the photos to finish and ready develop so I can see the end result. It's so much of capture and check, then delete that it has lost it original fun of photography, or at least, of lomography. That is why I will never buy a digital lomo.

Digital cameras are good for convenience and travel. To me, I will bring along digicams and my lomocams along wherever I go to because, I can always compare differences between lomo and digi. And lomo always brings back the vintage feel.

So what my photographs have a lot of noises? You just don't appreciate it because You don't know how to appreciate it.

Be versatile and play with lomo. Bring the vintage side of you. You know you will love it.


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