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Sunday, 30 May 2010

[ ..what can i say?.. ]

Sometimes you just need to ask yourself the questions you ask of me, because I can assure you that your answers are the same as mine.

Not to disappoint you but that is the truth. Not being selfish but seriously different lives do not cross-over that easily. It needs sacrifices. A person can sacrifice if the other does.

If one does not sacrifice and the person expects the other does, then that is just plain selfish and inconsiderate.

I try my best and I really wish I can continue but my guess is, with your head being poisoned by stupid people like that I might find it difficult if you do not know or understand how much did I sacrificed for you. I really hope that they didn't poison you that much.

But I will not give up because the answer is simple. I love you. Platonic kind of love. Not the romantic kind.

Don't worry because I won't leave you. I will continue to help you as much as I can because I did not have anyone help me (aside from my family), to go through the shitty life.

You will not be lonely but I really wish that you can put more effort in this than you do right now. You cannot expect me to do all the work, you see?

Life's a bitch, all we can do is stand and deal with it together rather than run away from it alone. It's not easy but we can make it better by going through it together.

good night.


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