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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

[ ..useless.. ]

There are times when you work so hard. You work so hard that you forget to breathe. Forget to inhale. Forget to exhale. Forget to look around your surroundings. Forget to appreciate the beauty of everything around you. Forget to tell people that you love them. Forget to love yourself.

You think that by working hard, you are doing the right thing. And all things will turn out well. You will be appreciated. You will have what you deserve.

But seriously, if life is that simple, you are too naive.

I am too naive.

Life is a treacherous bitch who sucks all fun out of you. Life is a disease which everyone will end up dead. Life is hopeless from any point of view.

There is nothing in the end waiting for you.

There is no gold fountain at the end of the rainbow.

Even if there are rain, sometimes, you can't get the rainbow out of it.

Life is like that. You won't get what you want because no matter how hard you work for it, you do not deserve happiness.

There is nothing to life. Life is dead. Everyone is a living dead. Everyone is dead.


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