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Sunday, 23 May 2010

[ ..out of the blue.. ]

[This post is written last night (the night of the wedding morning). But decided to post it now because of the stupid blogger long post issue. Wanna let you look at the last post before you couldn't read it anymore. Stupid blogger.com. Go dai.]

Good day... =_____=;; This is seriously how I look like now. The eye-bags is just horrible. Blame myself for staying up last night blogging last night until 3am. See how much I love you all!! wtf ahhah

Neways, here are some photos of the day. Sorry ah, when I say photos, there got to be some cam-whore photos of myself. sigh. And I didn't manage to take a lot of photos coz I've been standing around passing out muruku and candies, then carried candles for the bride and lastly stand at the exit and pass the guests ladu.

Tiring like mad. Didn't get to sit down for 6 hours. It was only lunch time when the relatives took over and hand out the ladus so we can go and have our lunch. Only then we can get to sit!!!

Okay lah, gotta stop typing and reel out the photos now. Enjoy ;D

Went to bride's house for a change to sari!

She looked beautiful!! People say woman on wedding day are the most beautiful you've ever seen her but my eldest sister looked like crap and her bitchy behaviour couldn't help her less. =_= So, lesson of the day is, don't be a bitch on your wedding day. You will look like crap.

She looked so good la. Usually I see her around wearing specs and hair tied to bun with minimal make up. And she wore shirts and long black pants all the time. Never seen her like this before!

The henna on her hands (and feet) are super meticulous and detailed!!! LOVE

Fixing hair! They tied a fake long pony tail for her~

This is E! Damn love her sari, she got it for present! Super suit her skin color!

This is me already done! Never wore so many jewelleries at one time!!! gosh!!!

Bride almost done!!! Sorry I couldn't take any more nice pictures of her at the wedding itself coz it's troublesome to bring to camera around when you are running around working.


*glares* whattt I didn't cam-whore for years!!!

E, me and A.!!! As usual, A is seen holding a bottle of coke all the time. HAahahahah.

Handing out ladu!That's the back of my dress SARI blouse!! I love E's blouse! So simple and nice!

Time out for artsy photos! They really got a lot patient to do this when they know it will be gone once the wedding is done.

Color splash!!!!

Ok, no more artsy photos. =__= Nobody wanna help me take full body shots, so I try to do it myself loh. Failed.

After a really tiring day. Looking like crap at lunch time.

Hua-wer~~~~ 8D I love chrysanthemum!! They smell nice and refreshing!

If I die one day, remember to bring me GREEN karer chrysanthemum alright???!!!

LUNCH! nom nom nom!

Hair is like shit all the time. D;

Back at home~~The earrings is so heavy ok!!! XD

Okay! That's all for tonight!!!! I had fun being an Indian for a day!! Received a lot of compliments on the sari color matching my skin color wtf hahha. Also got a lot others who asked if I am REALLY from the bride's family. And also some others who asked if I am a Chindian. wtf HAHHA.

I smell of jasmine the whole day! And luckily the smell is not too overpowering. I've no idea why back in hometown, the smell of jasmine on some of my indian friends can smell so thick. Like Jasmine Perfume ok!!!

This is au naturel hahahaa. And NO, there is no photoshop of sorts in this or the last few thousand posts coz my brother's computer didn't install photoshop anymore. He got illustrator only. Sigh.

And I didn't edit the color of the pics too coz I am too lazy. So, the beautiful colors you see above are also au naturel hahaha. And on WHY I look like crap in full body photo and cam-whore photos... I think you should know la.... Cam-whore pics you can control the angle mah. Surely you can get an angle you look best the most.

Mine is often 45degree down with head tilt down and do a frown to act cute. So, seriously, no photoshop or plastic surgery done in between shots.

Btw, the wedding was great great great! Really happy to be there helping her out. ^^

That's all folks, Good night! I'm real tired as I slept for only 3hours last night, and another 4 when I came back just now. But still very tired. Gonna slurp some soup now and zzzzz again!!! 8D

Good night all!!!

Okay, I also can do front shot with head tilt up so you can see my neck and not look so fat with double chins. I dunno what the hand is doing there. =_=;;

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