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Friday, 7 May 2010

[ ..omae wa darre?.. ]

Shiro-kyun dominates the laptop...

He loves to look into the camera. Damn photogenic.

Then he also likes to give me emo poses like this.

Decided to bring out the old 3.2mp camera. Have absolutely no make up here. My skin is becoming worse. I guess it's time for a facial.

Bought the stockings/hosiery from Momoe for Rm19.90. Quality is good! =D Dress from VintagePackstocks.

Friendly school kid during traffic jam. They kept waving at me and smiling.

Why do I have to go through this everyday? D;

Weird how I hold the steering wheel. Oh and I was seriously driving when I took this pic.

On an emo note:

Who are you? Or should I ask? Who do you think you are to judge me, discriminate me and ultimately insult me?

Oh yes, I love Cheesie's blog. Oh yes, Cheeserland is a big part of my life. In fact, I read Xiaxue, Fourfeetnine and Sweatlee. They are all pretty girls with brains. And they surely earn more money than you do.

Yes, of course, you are an intelligent person. The most clever one I've ever seen. The genius of us all. You will be the one who will succeed immensely in your life. But you have no right to insult me, no matter how stupid I am.

Yes, I am a very stupid person, I lack of basic knowledge, I certainly lack of the degree or diploma certificate that everyone has. I have no common sense, I have no prospects. My brain, in fact, has zero usage of it- My guess is less than 0.5%. I don't understand big words, I don't know a lot of terms. I've got no talent. I might also be a unclassified bimbo. I've got nothing that could propel me to my dream land. I can't earn enough to live my dream.

My dream. Which you assume is filled with 'handbags, clothes, false eyelashes, make up and contact lenses.'

Seriously, you people who really, really, really know me- Do I really come off as someone like this? Do I seem like I love handbags (which i rarely buy), clothes (from cheap blogshops), false lashes (which I never even worn before), make up (hand-me-down from my sister) and contact lenses (which I can wear for more than 3 months coz I wanna save on it) so much that I want to be filled with these things for the rest of my life and this is my 'life-long' dream?

If I do, I would do tutorials in this blog like everyone does to make money out of it, then go on and buy more make and false lashes.

I am so sad. I know that YOU do not know me anymore. But your assumption made me so sad.

And you know what she based 'my dream' on? She said: "Since you follow the cheeser-something."

You cannot even get her name right, but you want to insult me with Cheesie?

I asked her : "Oh, so whoever blog that we read, means we HAVE to be the carbon copy of that person is it?"

By the way, WHAT is wrong with Cheesie, you tell me? So what if she likes to put on make up, put on false lashes, wigs and clothes that suit her? Does that mean that people like Cheesie is less clever than you are? People like that will earn less than you? People like that will not succeed like the way you do?

Why discriminate others? Oh yes, I do hate all the ah lians in KL. I loathe them. But I never said that, people like that will not succeed in their lives. People like that will only live in a dream that filled with handbags, clothes, make up, contact lenses and false eyelashes.

Your insult of my dream really makes me think a bit here. I never questioned anyone's dreams. Even if I do not agree with them, I will tell them to go on, work hard and make your dreams come true. Because one person ultimate achievement in life is to making their dream lives come true.

So why did you assume that my dream is filled with 'handbags, make up, contact lenses, false lashes and clothes'?

If I do appear that way to you then you do not know me at all. I already know that for years, but this time you proved it to me that you DO NOT know me at all.

Not everybody can afford to live their dreams. That's why we work hard for it. Unlike you, who were born with everything on earth. No need to work for a living (if you want but you didn't because I 'assume' that you want to prove that you can make a living yourself because you are genius like that. oh well, that's just an 'assumption' and of course, 'crapping').

I do not have to prove anything to you because you do not matter to me anymore. Since the past few years. I do not even want to talk to you but you came to talk to me. Please stop talking to me anymore because you will only make me hate you even more.

I know I pissed you off too, that is very clear to me. So, why talk to me when I piss you off every single time you do? Yea, I didn't change at all. I am still as emo as ever. Maybe I am even more emo now than before. And maybe I become even more stupid than before. I won't know because, I am stupid, you see.

So, you go on to live your wonderful happy life and I continue to live my pathetic sucky and unfortunate life.

I thought I could feel better by talking to you but you insulted me and my dream instead. Thanks, 'my friend'.

Have a good weekend all! I'm heading to Genting tomorrow. Be back on Sunday. If I am not too tired, I might go out and have fun.

Suwa - the bimbo who dreams about clothes, handbags, false lashes, make up and contact lenses-

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