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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

[ ..Goodbye, Darling.. ]

I just left my old car at a catforsaken place.

I think I left a piece of me there too. My heart is broken.

That car, who was bought my sister at second hand, then passed down to my brother, and lastly me.

I wish I do not have to make such a decision to throw him away like this. And I sent him there by my own hands. I really feel so guilty now.

HE was there, when I was inspecting my new car, in fact, he was looking right at us. I can feel his sorrow.

"Is this where I am going to end up? Is she really leaving me here like this? After all these months of me serving her? Bringing her everywhere she wants to go? Learning routes that she never been before? Getting lost in no where together? Did she forget all these already? Is this how I am going to end? Did she not love me? "


I really want to cry. In fact, I already did when I was driving him all the way to that horrible place.

All those time I got stuck in the traffic jam with him. All those time I drive him around to fetch my cousin, my friends. All those time.

And all those time I sang aloud in the car, like there is no tomorrow. Those were the times, as I told you before, when I am completely alone. The place where I find blissful peace. Where I am alone with him.

I know it is stupid of me to treat an object like a live person. But since young I have deep emotional attach to objects. Including my smelly pillow (yes you heard me right).

Once I cried my eyes out because I broke a cup that I have been using since I was 6.

Sigh. Goodbye, dear car. Darling car. Hope that they will fix you right and coat you with expensive paint. I hope you will find a better owner/wife than me. I am sorry that I have to divorce you. I don't wanna blame , but seriously, it was you who showed me tempers and I DID put up with you for the longest time! Anyways, you are still the sweetest darling I ever know.

I am sure, one day, one day I will meet you again. To answer your questions, No, I will not forget those days, I will not forget how happy I was with you (until you start dying), and ...

Yes, I love you. I really do. I have not love any other object more than I did you. (FYI, Shiro-kyun is not an object, so it's different category.) I will forever remember you, cherish you, appreciate you and love you.

Now, let me go burn some Ayu-chan ballad on a CD and listen to it while I drive home tonight. and cry my heart out.

I am sorry, darling. I really am. So sorry.


ADH 5611, we will meet again...

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