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Sunday, 23 May 2010

[ ..last of you.. ]

I sent my car away on May 12, 2010. He has been my 'deer' for approximately eight months. Below are the photos taken on the day it was brought back to my hometown, Raintown, back in mid 2008 for repair and later on used by me to drive to school (occasionally), to tuition and just out to town for fun.

Why in need of repair you ask me? Here are the reasons.

This is my deer. Driven by my brother for about a year.

No, I really do not know how he did it.

Hey, he got dimple!

Okay, he got dimpleS!!!!

Oh yes, on his bum bum too. =___=;;

At this point, I was really impressed by my brother's driving skill. So friggin impressed.

That's Mommi wiping the car clean. =_= I'm so bad. Take photo instead of helping mom.

OMG brother, how many years you didn't wash the car? OR at least wipe it???

That's mommi again!

Yep, the top part is falling down.

Bro-in-law stuck a hanger there to make it stay in place after trying super glue for a few times.

The dimples are not the only 'souvenir' my brother left for me. ^^

On May 12, 2010. IT was the last day I drive my deer. This photos are taken when I was waiting at a petrol station near my house.

Pori-chan taken the last ride with me. I can remove him the night before but I do not want to because he took was in the car almost as long as I did.

The sad interior and the cassette player can't even work. The speaker is dead too. and NO, I did not wear that checkered red+white flats with my dress and stockings. =__=;; it's my driving shoes. Can't drive in heels lah.

The gear that died on me a few months back. Love you.

Yes, it's still not fixed yet.

And yes, the hanger is still there. I give the car away with the hanger intact.

*in shame* I WANT TO BRING IT FOR A SHOWER but the agent told me to bring the car that day, I got no time!! T__T But it's still not as bad as the above photo right?!! *in denial*

The sad manual wind-down window I hate so much. Now I'm not used to pressing the button to wind it down. Sigh. The irony.

The little air-con hole that needs a piece of paper to hold it in place.

The door. I missed the feel of real heavy metal on the vehicle. My new car is so plasticky I can't stand it. sigh.

Air-con panel. The air-con dieded on me for the past month. I drove with the window open for a month. Feels like in LA wtf HAHAH

The time is recorded. 3.34pm. Why does it looked blur? Not any special effect. Apparently my car is so hot and humid inside that the lens got blurred. I have to open the windows (as you can see in the photos above) to let the camera 'breathe' =__=;;

Pic of the day. Vain much.

Last pic of the day. Also last pic of Deerie. My signature photo. Goodbye, again.

End of my old car's pics! Here are some random pics I took mostly back in Raintown. I saw some of them in my pendrive. Decided to let you all take a look of them.

Back in Raintown I love to walk around my neighbourhood when it was raining (and trust me, it rains very frequently in Raintown... erm... =__=) with an umbrella and my trusty 1.3mp cellphone camera. These are my feet and the sandals I wore all the time in national service. I wonder where it is now.

One fine day, mommi drove me back to my old neighbourhood where I stayed from 0 to 7 years old. Basically, my childhood place. This, is the entrance of my old house.

I still remember running up and down this staircase and yes, we did placed our shoes like this family did. Mom told me that when I was almost one-year-old, I fell down from the top step to below because she forgot to close the door and left me wandering around the house with the baby-walk-wheel (wtf I dunno what you call that).

She said, that might be one reason why I am so stupid now. =__=;;

This longkang (drain) hole reminds me of something I tucked deep in a corner of my brain. Oh yes, that piece of nightmare I had. =__= When I was about 5, I was running in front of my house with my brother, playing tag. And for some reason, I manage to stuck my hold right leg (up to my thigh) in this hole.

I did not cry at first, same as the time I played Spiderman, climbing the hallway and fell down chipping my front teeth and still smiled and laugh with my mom about it BUT when my mom gave me my shower that night... It gave me such horrible bruises and scratches that it stings so badly I cried the whole shower time. Imagine the effing soap on my wounds! I cried myself to sleep that night. I friggin hate this stupid hole.

I doubt my leg can fit in right now. wtf HAHAH.

There was a really old play ground at the same field right there. We (my brother and I) were waiting for the municipal people to fix us a nice one but to our annoyance they only fix the super cool on after we moved out. We hate you MPT. =__=;;

This is where I play with my neighbour downstairs.

We used to have a dog (not liddis though) but he died when I was about 4. They found him dead one afternoon with millions of ants on his testicles. =__+;; I did not see that. Mom and dad told me.

Back at home, one fine afternoon after school, this show came on tv. You can guess already right?


Oh yea, it was Card Captor Sakura. My favourite anime since I was 11. I can still sing the theme songs. 8D

Also, sometimes the rain gets to bad the monsoon drain behind my house will look like this.

That is one reason why at that time I insist on keeping Shiro-kyun in the house despite my dad's annoyance.

I call this street, Mat Rempit's Heaven.

These are taken last year when mommi was admitted into the hospital. Not the best time, I know but this is the only way at that time that can make myself at ease and not to worry too much.

Nothing better than helping a patient in pain to do manicure in the hospital. I took this photo also to remind my mom about her stay in the hospital.

She needs to understand what she did wrong that landed her in that sad place.

I slept over for a night to look after mom. That morning after another patient in the same ward was taken to the morgue.

Hospital is really a sad place to be in.

Back in those days in Raintown, this is my house kitchen.

Taken through my bedroom window. That's mom there heading to the washroom.

Yea? With aerosol can?

Super power split end.

One day, I got into some trouble and get lectured at. I got this habit of pulling my fingers when I get nervous.

This is the result. From a small fingernail wound.

My eraser collection mostly from a snack like Mamee called J.J..

Remember this eraser? I don't know if you had the same but I had these when I was 6!! Then I never see them again until I was 14!!! So happy to get those in hands again!

These are all of them. I got more detailed photos. Show them to you later. ^^

Last photo of today's post! A photo taken during my road trip from Raintown to Land of Mud back in December of 08. Poppa didn't use the new highway, but the old one just to show me how it works. It was a nice journey! This road is awesome as it was deserted!!! I love deserted road!! That means WOOHOO I CAN DRIVE UP TO 100KM/H!!!


Neways, it's real late now and I need to get up early for tomorrow morning! Hopefully tomorrow is a good day and that bitch won't piss me off.

Goodnighty all!!


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