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Monday, 31 May 2010

[ ..erm.. ]

Sorry lah, sometimes I am so bitchy I cannot even stand myself. I thought I lost my prized thumb drive and I am mad emo then this fella come and add fire to it.

So I got so emo and type it all out loh. You cannot scream in public mah, the only thing you can do is to scream in your own blog.

But seriously lah, I really do not like people who think that they are in better position or erm how to say, a higher rank than others. The whole hierarchy thing. Hate it.

That is why I seriously hope that the caste system that the Indian are still using now will be gone and all Indians can be equal.

The thing is that nobody is greater than the other. Even being rich and famous doesn't make you immortal, you see. You are still human no matter what. So why degrade the other human being just because they dress or act weirdly.

You are not the on who judge anyway, so why care?

Whether Zee Avi is ugly or not, she still earns more money and more successful than you, so what can you do about it?

So what that Ah Lian dressed that way, it won't bother you if you do not care. Why stereotype people? That Ah Lian might be more successful than you one day, you won't know. Just take a look at Amber Chia. ehem.

We are all human, we are all here on earth. We should help each other to go through life on earth. Who are you to judge the others just by the way they look?

If you believe in God then you should have known that you are not the one who judge the creation of God.

If you do not believe in God or a freethinker, like I am, then you should have known that there is no point judging others. To me, only my cat can judge people coz he is my god wtf HAHAHAHA.

Ehem. "___"

Hmm anyways, I found my thumb drive. Got back all of my Shiro-kyun baby photos and Supatenshi photos plus some other camwhore photos important files in it.

Not so angry and emo already now. I didn't eat lunch because of this and now I am hungry like hell. ish.

I know I posted something about hypopocritos last night, then this morning I teach you all how to be manipulative.

I think I have to clear it up bah. Seriously, you need to treat different people different ways, but this doesn't count as being a hypopocritos because you treat them differently for their own good. Not to meow-scratch them.

In this world, you need to beware of other people who might do you harm but without these kind of people how will you learn to be careful?

Imagine a completely sheltered life? Won't be much fun right? Haha

I think we need to be balance both being honest and being a hypopocritos. Since everyone wears a kabuki mask everyday, why won't you try the Noh pancake make up, at least, to deal with them.

You know that not everyone is genuine in this world, therefore, why won't you take a cautious step to deal with it?

We just need a little balance in life that's all. Life is about balancing.

I dunno if I made my point in this post but ahhhh kick-it, I don't care. Sometimes, eventhough planning is good but sometimes it's nice to live life ahead without much planning coz spontaneity is much more fun!

It's just like reading a movie synopsis before watching it. I love doing it coz it's informative (and I love informations!!!) but at the same time I feel like I had just spoilt myself. =__=

It's a win win situation lah, I think.

These is all personal thoughts. Sorry if it doesn't fit you but, as long as it fits me well, I'm alright with my own messy philosophy. ^^

Okay, I shall end this with a multicultural photo.

Sorry, no bride T__T. And sorry no Muslim girl!! Nemaii!! Since I look quite Malay, you can anggap me as Malay girl can!!!!

Good evening all!!!


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