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Thursday, 20 May 2010

[ ..cocky? who?.. ]


I think I am a defensive person. But in a very different way. For example:

A: OMG you are so fat and ugly and you dare to say other people fat and ugly!!! Look at yourself in the mirror man!!

Me: Why, thank you! I know that I am fat and ugly! That is why I think I have the right to say other people fat and ugly because I know how it is to be fat and ugly. In another word, I am qualified to say other people is fat and ugly. Aww you noticed that I am fat and ugly, you must know me so much! Love you!

Hmm.. So what is it about the above context that makes people think and say that I am VERY cocky? To me, I am just being humble.

Why? It's not humble meh? Then my parents must taught me wrong. Sorry, mom and dad, got people say you two taught me wrong. That's not how humble suppose to be.

Case #2:

B: You are the worst person I ever knew!! You always boast about your life and always complain poor but you got money to spend!

Me: Awww, thank you! I concur with you on the fact that I am the worst person you ever knew because, I am the worst person I ever knew!!! Glad to know that we got something in common aye? ^^ Oh, I think you might have misunderstood that I boast about my life a lot, because unfortunately there is nothing in my life that worth boasting. I have to say that I am quite a poor lady with minimal income. Every month I live by small meals and has rare chance to splurge on things I like and mostly, things I like a quite pricey. But of course, everyone bound to have some money to spend right? Where will anybody be without money nowadays? Even beggars have money, my dear.

So....... how is this statement by me sounds cocky and proud? Have you not read my blog posts? Have you not see how depressed yours truly in these five months?

How is it that people always think I am proud all the time? How is it that I am proud? In what way?

I am 21 and I don't even fucking own my own laptop! I don't have a room on my own! I don't have a bed of my own! I don't eat Rm1000 per meal! The only most priced procession I have in hand now is Noribi! And apparently I am a slave to him for 7 freaking years! How is that for happy and proud life?!

I never in my life said to someone, "Sucks to be you! Live your poor life sucker!! AHAHA".

Most of the time I tell people to go on, work hard, one day you will live a prosperous life! Ganbatte neh! Don't give up!

I think I can be such an epic motivational speaker because I am so good in giving advices but I failed in my own life. Masuk history dah tu!!!

I am sorry that I cannot be as good as all of you do. I am sorry that I cannot be there for you because when I need all of you, you were all not there for me. I am sorry that I cannot live up to your expectations. I am sorry that I am not what I used to be. I am sorry to disappoint you. I am sorry that I changed. I am sorry that my life doesn't evolve around you. I am sorry that you all hate me this way. I am sorry that I have such a sorry life which cannot be compared with the rest of you.

But this is my life I am leading. I make changes to improve it. I make decisions that can help me go on with life without looking back all the time. I make plans all the time, to make myself happy and trust me, it's not easy to be happy. And it's definitely not cheap to be happy.

So, I am sorry that I can satisfy you because I can hardly satisfy myself.

Let me get my life back on track first okay? Then I might consider how you feel about me.

Thank you.


p.s.: I watched Shrek 4 last night. Surprisingly, it managed to get back on track and it is certainly better than Shrek 3. But the jokes are over-used and not as funny as 1 and 2. The good thing is it's not as chaotic and messy like the third but i really do not like Fiona as warrior. And why all the bad guys are short eh? First the king, now Rumpelstiltskin.

Fat Puss is Boots is ADORABLE!! GAHH i love the part he cannot lick himself and..... duwan spoil you. Go watch yourself! heheheeh. All in all, Shrek 4 worth a watch. Not bad, not great either, but definitely better than third.

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