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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

[ ..400th.. ]

*Throws confetti!*

This is my 400th post!!! Since 2007!!! 8D

Okay!!! To celebrate my 4ooth post, I'm going to upload a lot of cute photos of my dear, my beloved, the love of my laif - Shiro-kyun.

He is a boy and I estimate him to be a year and nine months old now!!! When I first met him, he is just a skinny little stray cat.

Now he is goddamn awful fat and all he wants from me everyday is to stay at home and layan him wtf.
He is utterly spoilt to bits by moi and my family members often complain to me that I might have spoilt him too much he became a bit lanci (ego) now.

BUT no lo!!! I think he become even cuter and loveable now coz he is so freaking manja gila babi!!! Last time he wasn't so manja oneee!!! WHY oh WHY he become so manja. I paling hate one is he always brush brush my legs with his body asking me to pick him up, then when I do, he make the most satisfying sound, "Uhh.. purr.. purr.. uhhh". Slightly close his eyes and brush his face against mine. =.=

Most of the time I thought he is a baby.

I say hate only, actually I MELT like gila babi whenever he did that!!!!

Every single morning before I go to work, he will come sit by my side while I do my make up, brush my hair, change my clothes. You know what is he waiting for? No, not food. Although he is fat, he don't care much for his kibbles.

He's waiting for me to hug him, give him thorough patting and a huge kiss on his forehead before I head out of the house. Then, as I bid goodbye, waving my hand like an idiot to a cat, he sits there with his eyes open wide, as if do not want to miss a sight of me as I close the door.

Then, as I walk closer to the lift, omgoodness, the stupid cat wail like there is no tomorrow. So freaking loud, I swear the whole floor can hear him. He meow and meow and meow like baby who lost his mother. wtf.

Every morning I go to work feeling like this : T_______T you stupid cat. Make me so emo.

This is not all!!! Every evening when I come home. It's as if Shiro is a psychic or he had super sniff (or maybe just coz i smell bad =.=) or he got super hearing, as soon as I walk out of the lift, HE MEOWS like crazy person again!!!

I have many witnesses. My sister, my mom and my brother. All three of them saw how Shiro was sleeping on his bed or on my bed when SUDDENLY He leap(serious!!!) down from the bed and run to the door. Sitting there, meowing. =.=

As soon as I opened the door, he looked at me with such sad eyes and keep brushing his body against my legs. Sometimes he licked my toes too wtf.

And every single night, he won't sleep if I don't sleep. When he sees me slipping in my bed, he will jump on my bed and rest himself on my legs. =.= Last time is my arm one. Now dunno what happened, he likes my legs more. Then, he promptly fall asleep on my legs as I fall asleep too.

AND THEN, the next morning!!!! AS if he is watching me in his sleep, he won't wake up until I do and when I wake up sitting on my bed, he will stand up on his four legs and stretch like a little tiger then jump on my bed and greet me good morning by brushing his face on my face as I lean to him.

This stupid cat, whom I love so much has been through so much to be with me. I was so poor last time I don't have money to buy him good kibbles, so I bought him Tesco brand ones and he became so freaking fat because the kibbles are too oily.

Then, my father won't allow him to come inside stay inside the house so he had to sleep through nights of cold wind and rain at night (hot sun don't count coz he super loves the sun) until he had super high fever, I had to take him to the government vet. It was during monsoon season and it rained every night!!! He was so sick during that time that he had absolutely no energy to even walk!

That was the time that I don't care what my father have to say anymore and put him in the house so he won't have to suffer in the cold wind anymore.

THEN, one day I found a bulge on his stomach and I got so worried for him coz whenever I touched the bulge he cried (seriously there are tears in his eyes!!!) and wailed in pain. T___T

Turns out somebody (I suspected is my neighbour) kicked him OR stepped on his stomach to torture him or something when I let him out of the house to run around the neighbourhood!!! When I brought him to the vet, I found out that cat has three layers of skin, one is the top with fur and two underneath the furred skin.

TWO OF HIS UNDERSKINs TORE and THE bulge is not an inflammation but rather his guts are hanging out on the furred skin. IF he somehow punctured his furred skin too, ALL HIS ORGANS will SPILL OUT!!! FHL!!!!

I told my mom about it and she won't let me spend money for him to have an operation because she still considered him a stray back then. And there is nothing for me to discuss with my father. And I don't have that much money to pay too. I thought he was gonna die then!!

THEN, a friend of mine, an angel, came to me and offered to lend me some money and so he went through the operation!!!

T___T Thank you sifuuuu!!!

Later, when I brought him to KL, he began to itches all over his body and his fur are falling out like snowflakes wtf.

THEN I FOUND OUT that he had some skin disease!!!! T___T The good doctor said that it's some fungal infection and cannot be help coz there are no medicine for it. But he suggested me to buy a human soap, to cure fungal infection on human and bathe Shiro with it.

And GUESS WHAT!! He was cured!! But it took months of bathing though. And he really hate to be bathed. =.= I got scratch every time I bathe him. It's a hell process. He used to have fever every time I bathed him. It's even more hellish to make him eat the fever tablets from the good doctor. My fingers got punctured all the time.

Then, he is all pretty and cute nowww!! I'm so glad!!! It has been long since he had any complication and sickness.

And any of you who say that I might have spoilt him too much??? I am so sorry to say that it is all well-deserved for someone who spent his childhood in such manner. It is never too much for a cute little cat who been through hell in his early life.

Ahh this is how I'm gonna end this post, okay? =D This is the story of my cat which I wished to record since last year.

I don't know if there are any cats who are like my dear Shiro-kyun, but to me, he is the special one, and the most different one from the others. He is my one and only Shiro-kyun. ;D

Have a great day all!! Hope you enjoy this post!
You are never to see me without make up anymoarrr!! T__T i look like shit i know.


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