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Saturday, 13 March 2010

[ ..mia.. ]

Sorry for missing in action for a week. It has been a very very busy week, I swear I will write the second review as soon as possible.

Yesterday, a friend asked me if I have any favourite movies. I can't answer her at all

"I liked a lot of movies. Hmm.. and my favourites changes all the time!"

"What about, err, top 10 or easier for you, top 5 favourite movies?"

I can't answer her at all. I just couldn't. I have no idea why too! Then I realised, unlike singers, or actors, or games and animes, I can't categories my top 10 favourite movies.

I feel that it is unfair for me to categories them cause there will be plenty more good movies in the future. Rationally speaking, I'm just being rational. HAHAHAHAH.

I'm sorry. This is just a mindless post.I don't have any mojo to blog about anything. As Michii and JN would say, when you type on the keyboard, in search of words for your new blog posts, you somehow feel empty and sad about yourself.

We are filled, with self-pity all the time. Most of the time, we think that we are the most unfortunate human being in the world, but in fact, there are more unfortunate people than you.

I don't know if this applies on you, but it certainly applies on me. I could just be the most self-pity person in the world! XD But I find it bearable and maybe, good for me. Coz it keeps me humble (or that's what I think xD).

No, I'm not being emo right now. I'm just feeling satisfied with what I was given and happy that although I missed out on a lot of fun and happiness in life, I am given some other things that could make me feel satisfied for my life.

My cat, for instance. The only life form who anticipated my arrival at home every evening. THe only life form who is actually happy to see me around. =D

Money, for instance. There is nothing better than the feeling of financial stability. Times when you don't have to worry about how expensive your lunch could be or how much this phone call will cost.

I may have more cons in my life than pros. My life may not be as great and stable as some others. I may spend the whole weekend at home doing absolutely nothing. But I feel happy and contented with this because, one cannot be too greedy with what they are given even though they are less than what you worked for in life.

So, I would just love to appreciate today as it is given to me. The cat on my lap as I type away sitting in front of the computer. You couldn't hope for more than that you know?

This is bliss.


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