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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

[ ..homework??.. ]

I had the weirdest dream ever. Not THAT weird la just that...

I dreamt that I didn't do my art homework. You know, back in Form5, we had to do all these art projects?

I dreamt that I go to school or some place where there is this girl who kept bugging me about it.

"Have you done with your homework yet? Have you finish working on it yet?"

It's fucking annoying okay. But the girl quite pretty la, so i forgive her. wtf. Neways, I did not even touch on the work yet! It's there on my hand all the time but I didn't touch it at all!!!

At first I thought it was some paintings that I have to do, so I hesitated and hesitated. Hesitated coz if its painting then it will be easy. Coz i just need to pencil draw some crappy landscape and need water plus watercolour then brush strokes strokes strokes then i got a painting ady ma.

Don't care much about grades also.

But about next day like that (my dream damn 9 long one), the girl come and ask me again wor then i said not yet la.

To my horror, she told me that I had to pass up today already!!!

THEN, i faster go look at my question paper and see what kind of painting i have to do lo.

THEN WHAT THE HECK LAAA it's all theory questions!!!! Not only that I don't have to draw but NOW i have to go read my theory textbooks to answer the questions!!! WHERE GOT TIME TO STUDY WTF!!!!

Then i woke up liao.


damn wtf one my dream. always got no ending one. I want an ending laaaaa!!! Why all my dreams got no ending one???

Btw, I really want to know what that means la. I don't have to do homework for years, no deadline for months, no teachers poking their noses around my face, no school days.

But i dreamt about it. Don't tell me taht i miss my school days coz i can firmly tell you that I DO NOT MISS one of the school days at all. Those were my nightmares.

I guess it's really a nightmare now hahaha.

Sigh. Neways, today I am really an idiot la. But hey, I am always an idiot everyday, so there is no difference aye? =D

have a good day all.


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