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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

[ ..boredom.. ]

Weiiiiiii... Nothing to do lehh!! So I thought maybe I can post some photos I took with SupaTenshi here. =D

One of my favourite pic of the roll! I love the red on the yellow. The colour really stood out!! =D


Above the Campbell's Soup factory.

My apato!

HOLMES!!! Reminds me that the whole Sherlock Holmes craze had indeed dieded down. But still mucho looves.

theCurve! Liked the couple holding hands!

Stupid hands shook.

Super nice restaurant but I don't think I will ever walk in it. The price must be crazy expensive!

The yellow and orange truly pops!

I always always stupidly take pics at night. But but but the chandelier is so hard to resist ehhh!

Neyo's concert! Love the lights =D

Pure lucky shot! Can't never understand how my camera can capture him still while he was actually dancing all the way!!!!

Woosh! Another favourite shot! Crazy love the Sun behind those trees!!!! ♥

Last but not least, my mostest favourite shot of the whole roll. I love my camera!! I love you SupaTenshi!!!

Btw, if you don't know already, I used the Superheadz recreation of Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim which I nicknamed, SupaTenshi. The film roll I used is 35mm Kodak Ultra Max 400.

Not really liking this film, therefore I am now using expired Kodak Gold 100 in my Superheadz Golden Half, which I nicknamed Kuuma. But I find it hard to finish taking 72 photos!!!!! T__T

Therefore, I haven't have the chance to develop it yet. Will do as soon as I finished the roll. Hopefully soon! Can't wait to see the pics!!! =D

Okay then! Have a great day!


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