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Sunday, 13 December 2009

[ ..sanbyakugoju.. ]

Celebrating my 350th post!! (I know... since 2007 sumore.. =.=)

Here are two of my darlings in frames, Shiro-kyun and yet-to-be-named SupaTenshi!!!

Mugshot! It's Shiro-kyun and mah new darling, Ultra Wide and Slim SupaTenshi from Superheadz, Japan!!!

Shiro-kyun curiously smell his new friend.

And also glare at him/her for quite a while.

Still smelling.

And decided that he shall not like him/her because he/she is soon gonna replace his position in the owner's heart. Besides, he/she is whiter than his name. He is insanely jealous.

NO LA! I still love Shiro-kyun damn lot okay?! Nothing gonna replace his place in my heart, soul, brain and guts!

But, look how annoyed he looked in the above photo HAHHA!

But still decides to hang out with him/her coz he/she is as white as he is when he was a kitten.

Has no idea what happened to Shiro-kyun. I named him Shiro (means white in Japanese) because he is white when he was a kitten. But as he grows he has all this brown spots and lines on his fur. =/

Sorry, photo taken with my cellphone and my cellphone camera sucks. I love love love my UWSSupaTenshi with Super Fat Lens ahaha!

Thought of naming him/her SupaTenshi, because the name of the camera's colour is White Slim Angel. Oh, yea I should totally name her (coz angel has wings and so elegant, it has to be a girl) SupaTenshi.

Maybe after I see the results of the photo after I sent to processing, I can also name her SupaTensai. HAHHA

I talked to Adrian, the guy who sold me this. He said that they sold quite a lot of this camera and so far there is only one defected one. Others were quite okay too except for the NicoDigi, the digital Lomo camera in the size of a keychain.

Usually people complain that the camera quality is not up to standard and there are some that can't even use.

These remarks totally makes me not want to buy NicoDigi anymoar.

Anyways, the next one I'm going to buy is Golden Half!!!! Yays! I think that one I'm going to buy next month or so. =D Later on when I has lotsa money I will buy Blackbird fly and others on my wishlist. ;D

Btw, he is so honest la to tell me about NicoDigi case! Makes me really confident in future buying from him! And can COD wor, my favourite way to buy things form online! Heh.. And he said he gonna move near to the housing area I stay too so makes it even better to buy toy cameras from him! Yays!

Okay, additional photos of Shiro-kyun for your viewing pleasure.

He likes to groom himself sitting like this! I read from Japan Probe once that only male cats can sit like this/groom themselves like this.

The reason given is that male cats likes to smell their own scent. I like to smell his stench scent too!!

Cleaning his face. Now he is sleeping on the bed like nobody's business. It's seriously his sleep time at time like this. He's only gonna wake up at bout 4pm or 5pm and demands that I play with him or he will meow and purrs as loudly as he could. =D

Okay, that is all for today! Will show you the photos from SupaTenshi as soon as i develop the 36 photos in it! =D Gonna bring it to CF too. WAIT FML!!! I FORGOT TO GO BUY TICKETS FROM ANIME TECH JUST NOW!! ARGH! hopefully i have movie dates at MV before the 18th!

When my sis's lumix comes home I will take photos of the dresses I bought from Cotton On and my pretty Charles and Keith heels okay?? =D Till then, see ya!


Sometimes I wish there is a train that can bring me to elsewhere. Like, a different dimensions or a better place. Sometimes, I wish it will bring me to a place where people actually care of my existence in this world. Sometimes, I wish there is a train that can bring me and Shiro-kyun ceast into existence. Sometimes, I wish it will bring me to Obaba's place like where Chihiro went to save Haku). Sometimes, I wish the word 'wish' is never created because it only brings false hope to people and too much wishes makes a person goes crazy.

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